Andrea and Mark, August 28th 2010

This was the best of times. Andrea and Mark’s wedding, held on August 28th 2010 at Mt. Hood Organic Farms, was one of the sweetest and most enjoyable weddings that we’re photographed. There are so many things to love about this wedding. For starters, the setting was unbelievable. The beautiful (and tearful) ceremony was truly unsurpassed. The love of their friends and family that was evident at every turn. Even Andrea and Mark’s cocktail hour was unforgettable, with lawn games in a gorgeous farm setting. And, throughout the day, glorious Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams put on an amazing spectacle with the sun and clouds tthat was nothing like we’d ever seen. Days like this are special, just like the love between Andrea and Mark. It was an exceptional wedding for an exceptional couple. Andrea + Mark = true love.

andreaandmark-000001andreaandmark-000002andreaandmark-000004andreaandmark-000006andreaandmark-000007andreaandmark-000008andreaandmark-000010andreaandmark-000011andreaandmark-000012andreaandmark-000013andreaandmark-000014andreaandmark-000015andreaandmark-000017andreaandmark-000018andreaandmark-000019andreaandmark-000020‘Buttonieres’ hand-made by the bride:)andreaandmark-000021andreaandmark-000022andreaandmark-000023It was a glorious day!andreaandmark-000024andreaandmark-000025andreaandmark-000027andreaandmark-000028andreaandmark-000029andreaandmark-000031andreaandmark-000032Their ceremony was so touching…andreaandmark-000033andreaandmark-000034andreaandmark-000035There were tears…andreaandmark-000037andreaandmark-000038And there were laughs too:)andreaandmark-000040andreaandmark-000041andreaandmark-000044andreaandmark-000045Married!!!andreaandmark-000047andreaandmark-000049andreaandmark-000050andreaandmark-000051andreaandmark-000052andreaandmark-000053Let the lawn games begin!andreaandmark-000055andreaandmark-000056andreaandmark-000057andreaandmark-000058andreaandmark-000059andreaandmark-000060andreaandmark-000062andreaandmark-000063andreaandmark-000065andreaandmark-000066andreaandmark-000067andreaandmark-000068andreaandmark-000069andreaandmark-000070Fresh, local goodness was on the dinner menu. andreaandmark-000071andreaandmark-000072andreaandmark-000073andreaandmark-000074andreaandmark-000076andreaandmark-000078Staccato Gelato and Two Tarts Bakery goodies were dessert. Yum!andreaandmark-000079andreaandmark-000080andreaandmark-000082The bride and groom were serenaded. Hilarious!andreaandmark-000083andreaandmark-000084andreaandmark-000085andreaandmark-000087andreaandmark-000088andreaandmark-000089andreaandmark-000090andreaandmark-000091andreaandmark-000093andreaandmark-000094andreaandmark-000095andreaandmark-000096andreaandmark-000097andreaandmark-000098andreaandmark-000099andreaandmark-000100

6 Responses to “Andrea and Mark, August 28th 2010”

  1. Drea (not the bride) says:

    What a fantastic day!!! Congratulations you two!! And from what I hear the details that you two did yourselves really put it over the top! Best wishes for your future together! Yay for you!

  2. kitty kilmer says:

    “I laughed, I cried … they’ll be talking about this one for decades.”

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Lauren this is beautiful! What a great wedding and they were lucky to have you there!

  4. shara alexander says:

    What an incredible set of pictures. The joy is evident in every one. Good going Andrea and Mark (and Carol and Jeff)! Congratulations!

  5. Wonderful! Love the emotion in these! And what a spectacular backdrop in some of these!!

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