Jessica and Juan, September 4th 2010

I love September weddings. I say this every year because, frankly, it’s true. Jessica and Juan’s wedding kicked off my favorite wedding month with style, fun, and romance. Here’s a little background information about the bride and groom: Jessica is from Portland, Juan is from Argentina. They met, fell in love, and now live in Chicago. They were married on the loveliest of Saturdays, which was also the 4th day of September in the year 2010 at Council Crest Park and their reception followed at the Hotel Vintage Plaza. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. Congratulations, Jessica and Juan. Here is to a beautiful future together!

jessicaandjuan-01jessicaandjuan-02jessicaandjuan-03jessicaandjuan-04jessicaandjuan-07jessicaandjuan-08jessicaandjuan-09jessicaandjuan-10jessicaandjuan-11jessicaandjuan-12It’s not every wedding day when you have a photo op with an Under U model!jessicaandjuan-14jessicaandjuan-15jessicaandjuan-16jessicaandjuan-17jessicaandjuan-18jessicaandjuan-19jessicaandjuan-21jessicaandjuan-23jessicaandjuan-24jessicaandjuan-25jessicaandjuan-26jessicaandjuan-27jessicaandjuan-28jessicaandjuan-30jessicaandjuan-31jessicaandjuan-32jessicaandjuan-33jessicaandjuan-34jessicaandjuan-35jessicaandjuan-36Who ordered these clouds? Amazing! jessicaandjuan-37jessicaandjuan-39jessicaandjuan-40jessicaandjuan-42jessicaandjuan-43jessicaandjuan-44jessicaandjuan-45jessicaandjuan-46jessicaandjuan-47jessicaandjuan-48jessicaandjuan-49jessicaandjuan-51jessicaandjuan-52jessicaandjuan-53jessicaandjuan-55jessicaandjuan-56jessicaandjuan-57jessicaandjuan-58jessicaandjuan-59A rose, by any other name…jessicaandjuan-60jessicaandjuan-61jessicaandjuan-63jessicaandjuan-64jessicaandjuan-65jessicaandjuan-66jessicaandjuan-67jessicaandjuan-68jessicaandjuan-69jessicaandjuan-70jessicaandjuan-71jessicaandjuan-72jessicaandjuan-73jessicaandjuan-74jessicaandjuan-75jessicaandjuan-76jessicaandjuan-77jessicaandjuan-78jessicaandjuan-79jessicaandjuan-81jessicaandjuan-82It was a dance party!jessicaandjuan-83jessicaandjuan-84jessicaandjuan-85jessicaandjuan-86jessicaandjuan-87jessicaandjuan-88jessicaandjuan-89jessicaandjuan-90jessicaandjuan-91jessicaandjuan-92

8 Responses to “Jessica and Juan, September 4th 2010”

  1. Jessica says:

    These are wonderful! Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Pablo says:

    These are the best wedding pictures I have ever seen, the emotion, the magic….I can’t even say what they elicit. I thank the artists, Jessica and Juani for the love and for the gift.

  3. Jeanne says:

    These are beautiful honey.

  4. Jill says:

    Is the underwear model single? I did catch the bouquet 🙂

  5. Miles says:

    These are great Juan-ita!

    Jill, when’s the wedding?

  6. syd says:

    Simply the most beautiful wedding photos. Great photography. and Good looking people 🙂
    Love you Bakers and World.

  7. Tìo Luis says:

    Beautiful wedding photos.
    Our best wishes in your new family life.
    From Rosario, Argentina;
    Graciela, Luis, Marìa Lorena y Oscar F., Constanza y Germàn C. y Luis Alejandro Juàrez Moreno

  8. Laura Suero says:

    Queridos Juani y Jessica: Desde estas pampas les deseamos que sean muy, muy felices. La novia “espectacular” (Jessica will certainly understand this word) y el novio un bombón. Se que tienen un departamento divino y los dos un buen trabajo. Muchachos: las condiciones están dadas! Ahora a trabajar que la pareja se cultiva cada dia.


    Mariano, Laura, Ignacio y Belén

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