Elizabeth and Jim, August 20th 2010

I really love this next wedding which includes an awesome couple, an amazing venue, and a perfect summer evening in Portland. On Friday, August 20th Elizabeth and Jim were married at the Lu San Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. If you live in Portland and you’ve never been to the Chinese Garden, you must go. It’s hard to believe that this lush oasis is literally in the middle of  the city. It was our very first time shooting at this Portland landmark and I must admit it’s one of the loveliest venues that I’ve seen. Elizabeth and Jim’s engagement photos were featured earlier this summer on our blog. You may recall that this dynamic duo completed a marathon together just a month and a half before their wedding. I’m happy to report that they both finished the race and said they may even run another together someday. Elizabeth and Jim, we had a lot of fun photographing your beautiful wedding day. Congratulations to you and may you have a long and happy life together!

lizandjimwed-001lizandjimwed-002It couldn’t have been a nicer day:)lizandjimwed-003lizandjimwed-005lizandjimwed-006lizandjimwed-007lizandjimwed-008lizandjimwed-009lizandjimwed-010lizandjimwed-011Elizabeth is so elegant and lovely.  lizandjimwed-012lizandjimwed-013lizandjimwed-014lizandjimwed-015lizandjimwed-016lizandjimwed-017lizandjimwed-018lizandjimwed-019lizandjimwed-021lizandjimwed-022lizandjimwed-023lizandjimwed-024lizandjimwed-025lizandjimwed-026lizandjimwed-027lizandjimwed-029lizandjimwed-030Elizabeth’s parents were married on the same day, August 20th, 33 years ago. lizandjimwed-031lizandjimwed-033lizandjimwed-034lizandjimwed-035lizandjimwed-036lizandjimwed-037lizandjimwed-038lizandjimwed-039lizandjimwed-040lizandjimwed-041lizandjimwed-043lizandjimwed-044lizandjimwed-045lizandjimwed-046lizandjimwed-047lizandjimwed-048lizandjimwed-049lizandjimwed-050lizandjimwed-051lizandjimwed-052lizandjimwed-053Love this moment.lizandjimwed-054lizandjimwed-055lizandjimwed-056lizandjimwed-057lizandjimwed-058lizandjimwed-059lizandjimwed-060lizandjimwed-062lizandjimwed-063lizandjimwed-064lizandjimwed-065lizandjimwed-066lizandjimwed-068lizandjimwed-069lizandjimwed-070lizandjimwed-071lizandjimwed-072lizandjimwed-073lizandjimwed-074lizandjimwed-076lizandjimwed-078lizandjimwed-079lizandjimwed-080lizandjimwed-081lizandjimwed-082lizandjimwed-083lizandjimwed-084lizandjimwed-085lizandjimwed-086lizandjimwed-087lizandjimwed-088lizandjimwed-089lizandjimwed-091lizandjimwed-092lizandjimwed-093lizandjimwed-094lizandjimwed-095The last dance of the evening…so romantic!lizandjimwed-096Congratulations!!!

4 Responses to “Elizabeth and Jim, August 20th 2010”

  1. Elizabeth and Jim says:

    We LOVE the pictures and absolutely can’t wait for the full set!!!! Thank you for capturing our memories!

  2. Bob and Bonnie Perier says:

    Jim and Elizabeth,

    Your pictures are exquisite and the wedding was beyond belief. We felt so priviledged to be a part of the beginning of a wonderful life together. We look forward to seeing you on Thanksgiving.

    Love to you both,
    Bob and Bonnie

  3. Michael Scott says:

    Oh the joy was everywhere! We can see it in every picture. Soooo beautiful, what a perfect wedding day it was!
    Our Samantha and Kevin were married on the same day in British Columbia, so we know that for a fact.
    Some day we’ll have a reunion of the five little girls on the sofa!

    Best wishes for a long a happy life together,
    Michael and Steve Scott

  4. Kay Stanley says:

    I’ve known Jimmy since he was born, I’m so happy for the both of them. Glad we got to meet your “wife” in May. What a beautiful wedding, you could feel the “love”. Enjoy each day, live, love & laugh. Kay

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