Keri and Ricky, July 3rd 2011

Keri and Ricky are one of the happiest couples I’ve ever met. You may remember these two from their engagement session last December at Peninsula Park. During their session, Lincoln and I learned that Keri and Ricky were high school sweethearts that were awarded the superlative of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine’ their senior year of high school. Although several years have passed since their high school days, Keri and Ricky’s smiles and their sunny dispositions remain. It seems only fitting that their wedding day was one of the sunniest, warmest days we’ve had in Portland this year. Keri and Ricky’s wedding celebration at the Oregon Golf Club was a joyous and lavishly beautiful affair, the details of which cannot be contained in one short paragraph. However, one summation came to my mind when thinking about their wedding day: on July 3rd 2011, Keri married her best friend and Ricky married his best friend. Just looking at the photo below makes me smile. Keri and Ricky, Lincoln and I are so happy for you two!  A heartfelt congratulations to you both.

To see the highlights from Keri and Ricky’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.

keriandricky-wed-001keriandricky-wed-002keriandricky-wed-004keriandricky-wed-006keriandricky-wed-008keriandricky-wed-009So lovely!keriandricky-wed-011keriandricky-wed-012keriandricky-wed-013keriandricky-wed-015keriandricky-wed-016keriandricky-wed-017keriandricky-wed-019keriandricky-wed-020keriandricky-wed-022keriandricky-wed-023keriandricky-wed-024keriandricky-wed-026keriandricky-wed-027keriandricky-wed-028keriandricky-wed-029keriandricky-wed-030keriandricky-wed-031keriandricky-wed-032Flowers by Anna Mara.keriandricky-wed-033keriandricky-wed-034keriandricky-wed-035keriandricky-wed-036keriandricky-wed-038keriandricky-wed-039keriandricky-wed-040keriandricky-wed-041keriandricky-wed-042keriandricky-wed-043keriandricky-wed-044keriandricky-wed-045keriandricky-wed-046keriandricky-wed-047keriandricky-wed-048keriandricky-wed-049keriandricky-wed-050keriandricky-wed-052Married!keriandricky-wed-054keriandricky-wed-056keriandricky-wed-057Event coordination by Champagne NW.keriandricky-wed-060keriandricky-wed-061keriandricky-wed-063keriandricky-wed-064keriandricky-wed-066keriandricky-wed-067keriandricky-wed-068keriandricky-wed-070keriandricky-wed-071keriandricky-wed-072A mariachi band during dinner was a surprise for Ricky. So fun!keriandricky-wed-073The view. 🙂keriandricky-wed-074keriandricky-wed-075keriandricky-wed-076keriandricky-wed-077keriandricky-wed-078keriandricky-wed-079keriandricky-wed-080Another fun surprise, Keri and her dad had their own dance routine. keriandricky-wed-081keriandricky-wed-082keriandricky-wed-083keriandricky-wed-084keriandricky-wed-085keriandricky-wed-086keriandricky-wed-087keriandricky-wed-089keriandricky-wed-090keriandricky-wed-092keriandricky-wed-093Time to party!keriandricky-wed-094keriandricky-wed-095keriandricky-wed-096keriandricky-wed-097keriandricky-wed-098keriandricky-wed-099keriandricky-wed-100keriandricky-wed-101keriandricky-wed-102keriandricky-wed-103keriandricky-wed-104keriandricky-wed-105Off they go! Congratulations again, K&R!

7 Responses to “Keri and Ricky, July 3rd 2011”

  1. Verenice says:

    These are beautiful! You captured them so well Lauren and Lincoln. I seriously had a smile on my face the whole time I was looking at these pictures. The use of landscape was amazing. I can see why my brother loved you guys! I am a fan.

  2. Keri & Ricky says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful images from our wedding! It was such a pleasure having you photograph our wedding because of your breathtaking images and because of your and Lincoln’s calming, enthusiastic, and spirited personalities. You really captured us and our friends and family. I love getting to see the day again through your images and it will be something I know we will look at and treasure in the future. Thank you again for everything! Gorgeous!

  3. Jill Cochran says:

    Your pictures are amazing!!!!! What a perfect day!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Lauren,

    These pictures are great! I would love to have a book with photos from this wedding that really showcase our property!

    They are all amazing!

  5. Connie Poff says:

    OMG!! These pictures are fabulous. I just loved looking at all these pictures again and again. They look like something you would see in a bridal magazine. Good Work!

  6. Aja says:

    Wow!! Lauren, these photos are incredible. You really captured the magic and the beauty of the day. What an amazing wedding!

  7. […] is the photo that was recognized. This image was taken at Keri and Ricky’s wedding on July 3rd, 2011 at The Oregon Golf Club. We’d just finished doing a few portraits of the bride and groom at sunset. I took this […]

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