Gretchen and Henry’s Portrait Session in SE & SW Portland

Lincoln and I have been friends with Gretchen and Henry since the summer of 2006, when we all played kickball together on a co-ed rec team. Lincoln and I had just moved to Oregon the previous summer and we were looking to meet new people and relive our elementary school glory days on the kickball field. Gretchen, Henry, Lincoln, myself, and a handful of our friends were all placed on a team together. Our team that summer reminded me of the Bad News Bears, only we were older, co-ed, and we were playing kickball instead of little league baseball. Anyway, Gretchen and Henry quickly emerged as two of the best players on our team that season. Gretchen dominated second base with her catching skills while Henry’s specialty was his incredible speed and agility. As our friendship grew, I found out that these two kickball all stars were also eggheads. Please keep in mind that I use the term ‘egghead’ with the utmost respect. In fact, Gretchen and Henry refer to themselves as eggheads and, if you keep reading, you’ll find out why. Gretchen and Henry are both talented editors and writers. They are the workforce behind Cogitate Studios, an editorial firm based in Portland, Oregon that is geared toward the book publishing industry. They are two literarians, in love, in Portland, running a business from their home. Aside from the fact that I really love these kids, I have a soft spot for self-employed couples who work together. As someone who works with their spouse, I admit that it’s not always as easy as it would seem. However, Gretchen and Henry make it look simple with their professionalism, sensitivity, and great sense of humor. I was honored that they asked me to do a portrait session of them at their home in SE Portland and around SW Portland, where they first met. Gretchen and Henry, here’s to a lifetime of friendship, following your dreams, and following your heart.

greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-001greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-002greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-003greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-004greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-005greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-006greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-007greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-008greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-009greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-010greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-011greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-012I love their garden space. 🙂greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-013greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-014greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-015Henry designed the ‘Just my Type’ t-shirt. greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-016greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-017greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-018greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-019greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-020greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-021I saw this mural in the spring and thought immediately of Gretchen and Henry! We did a few ‘business portraits’ here. greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-022greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-023greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-024greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-025greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-026greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-027greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-028greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-029greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-030greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-031greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-032greatchenandhenry-2011-blog-033

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  1. Gretchen says:

    These are so lovely, Lauren. You did such a wonderful job. I love them so much!

  2. Henry says:

    These are amazing. Thank you.

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