The Appel Family, Late Winter 2014

Happy spring, everyone! I had the opportunity to photograph the beautiful Appel Family in early March. The occasion for this portrait session was that Eric and Aja were expecting their second baby in late March. Yesterday, I emailed Eric asking if it was ok to post a few of the photos from their portrait session on my blog. Today, he replied with the wonderful news that baby Ashton was born yesterday and everyone was at home, healthy and happy. A big congratulations to the Appel Family!

To see more photos from this portrait session, please click on the image below.appel-140308-blog-01appel-140308-blog-02appel-140308-blog-03appel-140308-blog-05appel-140308-blog-07appel-140308-blog-08appel-140308-blog-09appel-140308-blog-10appel-140308-blog-11appel-140308-blog-12appel-140308-blog-13appel-140308-blog-15appel-140308-blog-16

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  1. Mandi Wiley says:

    I love this sweet family! So adorable! Fabulous, as always, Lauren!

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