Hayley and Pete’s Sunny Winter Day Engagement Session

Some days are simply perfect for engagement photos. The day pictured below is one of them. Low-angled winter light paired with a gorgeous, relaxed couple and their sweet dog, Lola? Yes, please. It doesn’t get better than this. Great session, Hayley and Pete! It was a lot of fun getting to know you two and we’re looking forward to photographing your wedding in March.

To see more images from Hayley and Pete’s engagement session, please click on the photo below.hayleypete-eng-01hayleypete-eng-02hayleypete-eng-03hayleypete-eng-05hayleypete-eng-06hayleypete-eng-07hayleypete-eng-08hayleypete-eng-09hayleypete-eng-10hayleypete-eng-13hayleypete-eng-14hayleypete-eng-15hayleypete-eng-18hayleypete-eng-19hayleypete-eng-21hayleypete-eng-22hayleypete-eng-24hayleypete-eng-25hayleypete-eng-26hayleypete-eng-27hayleypete-eng-28hayleypete-eng-29hayleypete-eng-30hayleypete-eng-31hayleypete-eng-32hayleypete-eng-33hayleypete-eng-35hayleypete-eng-36hayleypete-eng-37

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  1. Oh my goodness they have the cutest dog! I’m in love with all the shots on the beach!


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