Jenny and Joe, September 15th 2012

If ever there was a day that you wish would never end, Jenny and Joe’s wedding day would be it. This day was pure joy. Jenny and Joe are a fun and caring couple whose wedding day not only celebrated their love, but it also celebrated the love that they have for their family and friends. Jenny and Joe’s wedding took place at Camp Namanu in Sandy, Oregon where friends and family were invited to spend the weekend enjoying the campgrounds and soaking in the September sunshine. There are so many wonderfully personal details that Jenny and Joe made, grew, and built for their wedding day. Some of my favorites included the floral arrangements and bouquets made by the bride, homemade jams, the arbor for their ceremony, the wooden camp cookies…I could go on. However, the one detail that was my absolute favorite were the handwritten thank you cards that they wrote to each and every one of their guests. They even wrote one to me and Lincoln! This thoughtful gesture was so touching. It seems that everything that Jenny and Joe do, they do it with heart. Jenny and Joe, what a perfect union you’ve made. We wish you the best and look forward to seeing what exciting adventures the future has in store for you!

To see more images from Jenny and Joe’s wedding day, please click on their image below.

4 Responses to “Jenny and Joe, September 15th 2012”

  1. Mom A. says:

    WOW! Can we do it AGAIN!!! Unbelievably Gorgeous BRIDE AND GROOM!!!

  2. Liz says:

    As always, so so good Lauren & Lincoln. The bride and groom are fabulous, the setting wonderful. Just an extra compliment to L & L: you guys do a magical job of making the guests look good, whether dancing, making a toast, or laughing at a joke. Incredible art, I hope the b & g pass along these photos in frames to their guests–we all need an awesome photo of ourselves, right?

  3. curtis & Johnette A says:

    Thank you so very much! It was the most fun we have had in a long time. We are so blessed to have you in our lifes.Wonderful wonderful Bride & Groom..

  4. Roger & Betty Olson says:

    It was a great wedding..Had a great time seeing all old friends and family. Most of all
    to see a wonderful niece getting married to a wonderful guy.May your life be as happy and full of Love as our is…

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