Jo and Ryan, August 6th 2011

Jo and Ryan’s wedding at Youngberg Hill Inn & Vineyards on Saturday, August 6th was full to the brim with so many beautiful and personalized details, I don’t even know where to begin! As someone who believes that weddings are not only about joining two people, but also about joining two families, I feel that Jo and Ryan’s wedding day truly embodied this sentiment. From their ceremony that was officiated by Jo’s mother, Chyrell, and Ryan’s father, Ed, to the potted plant favor’s which Jo’s mother had nursed all year long, it seemed that Jo and Ryan’s family and friends had been included in and contributed to their celebration in every way. My favorite part of the day was their first dance which took place just as the sun was setting, with the Willamette Valley as the backdrop. It was one of the sweetest, most romantic first dances I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. Jo and Ryan, wishing you a future as beautiful and as full of love as your wedding day! Thank you for choosing us to document your day.

To see highlights from Jo and Ryan’s wedding day, please click on the image below.


joandryan-02joandryan-03joandryan-04joandryan-05joandryan-07joandryan-08joandryan-10joandryan-11Jo’s mom sewed the beads on her cathedral-length veil. Very impressive!joandryan-12joandryan-13joandryan-16joandryan-17joandryan-18joandryan-19joandryan-20joandryan-21joandryan-23joandryan-24joandryan-25joandryan-26joandryan-27joandryan-28joandryan-29joandryan-30joandryan-31joandryan-32joandryan-33joandryan-35joandryan-36joandryan-37joandryan-39joandryan-40joandryan-42joandryan-43Cupcakes by Whole Foods. They tasted just as good as they looked. YUM!joandryan-45joandryan-46joandryan-48joandryan-49joandryan-50joandryan-51joandryan-52joandryan-54joandryan-55joandryan-56joandryan-57joandryan-58joandryan-59joandryan-60joandryan-61joandryan-62joandryan-64joandryan-65joandryan-66joandryan-67joandryan-68joandryan-69joandryan-71joandryan-72joandryan-73joandryan-74joandryan-75joandryan-76joandryan-77joandryan-78joandryan-79joandryan-80joandryan-81joandryan-82joandryan-83joandryan-85joandryan-86joandryan-87joandryan-88joandryan-89joandryan-92joandryan-93joandryan-94joandryan-95joandryan-96joandryan-97

5 Responses to “Jo and Ryan, August 6th 2011”

  1. Nicolette says:

    What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. The views at Youngberg Hill are spectacular and you captured them with such elegance. Great job!

  2. Jo and Ryan says:

    Lauren and Lincoln,

    We are so delighted by the photos! The photos absolutely exceeded our expectations! They are so lovely and such a wonderful representation of the day. There are some truly great candids of the ceremony and friends and family throughout the wedding. We can’t stop looking at them and reliving the memories of our wedding; these photos capture all of the laughter, joy, spririt and emotion of the day. Thank you for being there to document our day.

    Jo and Ryan

  3. Chyrelle Martin says:

    Wow! The pictures are just beautiful and really capture the joy of the day. It was so much fun and filled with laughter and beauty, and that really comes through in your pictures. Beautiful job!

  4. Monica Davis says:

    Grand pictorial creativity!!! These photos are a wonderful expression of all the
    love and joy present on that very special day. Thankyou for capturing these precious
    moments with such great sensitivity. Very very lovely….a wonderful gift for Jo and Ryan,
    and for us all.

  5. Helena says:

    Simply beautiful. Each picture tells a story and is as breathtaking as the next. Jo lights up the room even on a typical day at at work, so to see her on her wedding day is quite a treat ~ she is positively radiant. Cheers to the beautiful couple, their joyful family and friends, and to the photographer who managed to capture it all so beautifully.

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