Katie and Todd’s Engagement Session at Timberline Lodge

When we planned to do Katie and Todd’s engagement session at Timberline Lodge in early spring, none of us ever imagined that there would be still be 200 inches of snow on the mountain! I’m happy to report that the impressive accumulation of spring snowfall did not deter us from having a lot of fun photographing this adorable couple on Mt. Hood last Sunday. Katie and Todd were engaged at Timberline Lodge this past autumn and wanted to have their engagement photos taken in this place that is special to them. While guests, skiers, and snowboarders hit the slopes as soon as the lifts opened that day, we explored all of the various nooks and crannies that give Timberline its historic charm. It felt as if we had the entire lodge to ourselves. Katie and Todd’s happiness and affection for one another was evident from the very first photo we took that day. They definitely made our job a breeze! Katie and Todd, thank you for being wonderful photo subjects. We’re very excited to photograph your wedding in September!

To see some of our favorite images from Katie and Todd’s engagement session, please click on the photo below.
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    Great pics!!!! Its going to be hard to pick a Favorite.

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