Connor – 6 months

It amazes me how much a baby can grow and change in just six months. I photographed this sweet face back in September, when Connor was just a newborn. Here he is, six months later, with his fabulous parents, Ryan and Kate, and their adorable Boston Terrier, Bob. What a cute family!

connor-6mo-fb02connorboyle-6mo-blog-02connorboyle-6mo-blog-04Love those big, beautiful, blues!connorboyle-6mo-blog-05connorboyle-6mo-blog-06Bob, the Boston Terrier, watches over Connor…connorboyle-6mo-blog-07And gives him kisses. 🙂connorboyle-6mo-blog-08connorboyle-6mo-blog-09connorboyle-6mo-blog-10connorboyle-6mo-blog-12connorboyle-6mo-blog-13connorboyle-6mo-blog-14connorboyle-6mo-blog-15connorboyle-6mo-blog-16connorboyle-6mo-blog-17

2 Responses to “Connor – 6 months”

  1. Abby says:

    His eyes so beautiful~! like lake

  2. So so so sweet! great session!

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