My Portland Photographer

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been selected to be one of 20 photographers featured My Portland Photographer! MPP is a photo blog that features the work of 20 Portland-area wedding photographers. The blog was started by a group of well-established and talented local photographers as a way to increase awareness of professional photography and highlight the work of some of Portland’s best shooters.  Once a week, each member posts a photo and a caption or piece of advice relating to the photo, weddings, photography, etc.

It’s a honor to be invited to join this group and I feel lucky to live in a town where photographers take care of one another. To see my first post on MPP and to check out the blog, please click here or on the photo below. I will be posting a new image every Friday:)


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  2. Grace and Michael says:

    Absolutely deserved! Congrats Lauren!!! 😉

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