Alexis and Eric at Howell Territorial Park

This past Sunday, Lincoln and had the opportunity to venture out to Howell Territorial Park on Sauvie Island with Alexis and Eric! The happy couple is getting married on August 1st of this year and they wanted to do an engagement photo session before their big day. Luckily, the weather held out for us and it turned out to be a perfect evening for photos! Here are some of my favorites from their session:




Kissing and jumping are always fun ways to warm up for your photo shoot:)




What would engagement photos be without a shot of the engagement ring?






3 Responses to “Alexis and Eric at Howell Territorial Park”

  1. Deyla says:

    Hello! Im not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I did and noticed you are also in Portland! I love to check out fellow photography blogs every once in a while and wanted to let you know your work is wonderful, so vibrant and colorful, I love it! I especially love the slight vignette you have surrounding all your photos, really places everything into perspective!

  2. Alexis says:

    Our photo shoot with you was so much fun! We also loved the location! The pictures turned out great, really capturing us. I’m so glad you are photographing our wedding. Thanks Lauren, we love them!

  3. I Googled “Howell Territorial Park” and found your images; then, I noticed Deyla’s comment. I know her and we actually ran in to each other this morning. haha! Great images, Lauren!

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