Shelby and Jason, July 13th 2013

Shelby and Jason’s love story is near to my heart. Truth be told: I have a soft spot for weddings of couples who moved to Portland to start their life together. Maybe that’s because Lincoln and I moved to Oregon over 8 years ago looking to start a new, shared adventure. Like Shelby and Jason, and so many other couples we know, we fell in head over heels in love with Portland as our relationship and love for one another continued to grow. It’s exciting to be in love with your partner, your city, and the life you have created together. Iit’s evident that Shelby and Jason share this excitement and wanted their closest family and friends to experience it as well. Their sweet soiree took place at the Ecotrust Building, on a rooftop veranda overlooking Portland’s Pearl District. There was much merriment and joy surrounding these two on their wedding day. Congratulations, Shelby and Jason! Wishing you continued fun, adventure, and love.

To see more photos from Shelby and Jason’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.shelbyjason-blog-01shelbyjason-blog-02shelbyjason-blog-03shelbyjason-blog-04shelbyjason-blog-05shelbyjason-blog-06shelbyjason-blog-07shelbyjason-blog-08shelbyjason-blog-09shelbyjason-blog-10shelbyjason-blog-11shelbyjason-blog-12shelbyjason-blog-13shelbyjason-blog-14shelbyjason-blog-15shelbyjason-blog-16shelbyjason-blog-17shelbyjason-blog-18shelbyjason-blog-19shelbyjason-blog-20shelbyjason-blog-21shelbyjason-blog-22shelbyjason-blog-23shelbyjason-blog-24shelbyjason-blog-25shelbyjason-blog-26shelbyjason-blog-27shelbyjason-blog-28shelbyjason-blog-29shelbyjason-blog-30shelbyjason-blog-31shelbyjason-blog-32shelbyjason-blog-33shelbyjason-blog-34shelbyjason-blog-35shelbyjason-blog-36shelbyjason-blog-37shelbyjason-blog-38shelbyjason-blog-39shelbyjason-blog-40shelbyjason-blog-41shelbyjason-blog-42shelbyjason-blog-43shelbyjason-blog-44shelbyjason-blog-45shelbyjason-blog-46shelbyjason-blog-47shelbyjason-blog-48shelbyjason-blog-49shelbyjason-blog-50shelbyjason-blog-51shelbyjason-blog-52shelbyjason-blog-53shelbyjason-blog-54shelbyjason-blog-55shelbyjason-blog-56shelbyjason-blog-57shelbyjason-blog-58shelbyjason-blog-59shelbyjason-blog-60shelbyjason-blog-61shelbyjason-blog-62shelbyjason-blog-63shelbyjason-blog-64shelbyjason-blog-65shelbyjason-blog-66shelbyjason-blog-67shelbyjason-blog-68shelbyjason-blog-69shelbyjason-blog-70shelbyjason-blog-71shelbyjason-blog-72shelbyjason-blog-73shelbyjason-blog-74shelbyjason-blog-75shelbyjason-blog-76shelbyjason-blog-77shelbyjason-blog-78shelbyjason-blog-79shelbyjason-blog-80shelbyjason-blog-81shelbyjason-blog-82

3 Responses to “Shelby and Jason, July 13th 2013”

  1. Rockey says:

    Love ’em all – but if I had to pick my top 5:
    08 – Right out of Vogue
    11 – Both pics – the essence of Jason
    25 – Just makes me gush – true love
    56 – Shelby – full out laughter
    79 – Obviously!

  2. Gina says:

    These are some of the best wedding pictures I’ve had the pleasure and honor of viewing. Beautiful work!

  3. Angela says:

    What a fine looking couple! These photos really capture the day. So glad we could be part of it. Congratulations once again, love you guys!

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