Introducing our Associate Photographer, Robert McNary

Robert McNaryIt is with great excitement and pride that I announce the addition of our associate photographer, Robert McNary. Rob and I have known one another for several years through the wedding and photography industry. I’ve always admired and respected Rob’s work and felt that we had similar sensibilities and style when it came to photographing weddings. A year ago, I approached Rob and asked him if he would be interested in working as my associate photographer in 2013. I knew that I was going to be a new mom this year and wasn’t going to be booking as many weddings as I normally do. However, I wanted to be able to offer inquiring clients the same level of quality and service as I give to my current clients. Rob was planning to pursue other career goals this year, but still wanted to be able do what he loves, which is take photos. A partnership formed and, this summer, Rob is booking and photographing weddings for Lauren Brooks Photography while I’m taking care of the business side of things for the clients he books. It’s a wonderful partnership and we’re very happy and honored to have Rob working with us.

To view Rob’s portfolio or to read his bio, please visit our website. Rob is currently accepting bookings through the end of 2013. Please contact us for more information. Photo below by Rob McNary.


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