Spotlight 06/15/12 – Joy

Thanks for checking out my blog’s new Spotlight post! This weekly post in an opportunity for me to share one image from a recent (or not-so-recent) wedding or portrait session. I’m using this Spotlight as a way to talk about photography, love, weddings, family, friendship, work, or anything that happens to spark my interest that week. I hope that these posts will encourage you to share your own thoughts and feelings and will inspire you to explore your own passions, whatever they may be.

This week’s post is about joy. Also known as pure, uninhibited happiness. It’s what I see in Helen and John’s faces when I look at this photo. Out of all of the images from their engagement session this one is my favorite because I feel like it captures a little piece of the joy they share as a couple. If you ever wonder what photos from weddings and portraits are my absolute favorite, 99% of the time it’s a photo that captures genuine emotion.helenandjohn-eng-blog-32

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