Baby Portraits at Peninsula Park

Brayden is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. This little guy smiled throughout his entire portrait session. I’m guessing it’s because he feels so well loved by his family. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy photographing families? I LOVE it! Portrait sessions like this one are the reason why. They are so much fun! Many thanks to Aimee, Brayden, and the rest of the family for the wonderful smiles. You made my job so enjoyable!

To see more photos from Braydon’s portrait session, please click on the photo below.
wfamilysession-01wfamilysession-02wfamilysession-03wfamilysession-05wfamilysession-06wfamilysession-08wfamilysession-09wfamilysession-10wfamilysession-11wfamilysession-12wfamilysession-15wfamilysession-16wfamilysession-17wfamilysession-20These next three photos made me laugh out loud!wfamilysession-21wfamilysession-22wfamilysession-23Baby lashes…wfamilysession-24wfamilysession-25wfamilysession-26wfamilysession-27

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