Stephen and Whitney, June 25th 2011

Sometimes I’m at a loss for words on what to write for each post. It’s not because I don’t have any thoughts or feelings about the photos or the people in them. It is simply because I feel that the photos tell a much better story than my words ever could. I believe that this is especially true for my next blog post.

Whitney and Stephen’s wedding day was sweet and perfect, full of emotion, joy, and love. They were married at the Steven’s Pavilion in the Hoyt Arboretum on an iconic Portland summer day. If you live in Portland and you’ve never visited the Hoyt Arboretum, you must go! It’s nestled in Portland’s west hills near Washington Park and Forest Park. I think it’s often overlooked because of it’s location next to more lauded parks like the Rose Garden, the Japanese Garden, and the zoo. However, Hoyt Arboretum has miles of hiking trails and hosts almost 10,000 trees and shrubs of varying species from all over the world. This hidden gem of a park was the perfect setting for Whitney and Stephen’s intimate wedding. Whitney and Stephen, we wish you many years of happiness and continued bliss. I’m excited to share these photos with you and, with that, here they are.

To view some of our favorite images from the day, please click on their photo or on the link below their photo.stephenandwhitney-001stephenandwhitney-002stephenandwhitney-004stephenandwhitney-005Whitney in her wedding jammies on her wedding day. Love. stephenandwhitney-006stephenandwhitney-008stephenandwhitney-009stephenandwhitney-011stephenandwhitney-013The world needs more purple crinoline and green shoes. stephenandwhitney-014stephenandwhitney-015stephenandwhitney-016Stephen is a fellow photographer and was sporting these spiffy camera cuff links.stephenandwhitney-018stephenandwhitney-019stephenandwhitney-020stephenandwhitney-022stephenandwhitney-023stephenandwhitney-025stephenandwhitney-026stephenandwhitney-027stephenandwhitney-028stephenandwhitney-029stephenandwhitney-030Sisters…stephenandwhitney-031Brothers…stephenandwhitney-032Socks!stephenandwhitney-033stephenandwhitney-034stephenandwhitney-035stephenandwhitney-037stephenandwhitney-038Be still my heart: a bouquet of lavender.stephenandwhitney-039stephenandwhitney-041stephenandwhitney-043This was my favorite detail from their day. Instead of a guest book, they had a guest bench for everyone to sign. Creative and functional!stephenandwhitney-044stephenandwhitney-045stephenandwhitney-046stephenandwhitney-047stephenandwhitney-049I think that all little boys should wear hats just like this. How cute is he?stephenandwhitney-050stephenandwhitney-051stephenandwhitney-052stephenandwhitney-054stephenandwhitney-055stephenandwhitney-056stephenandwhitney-057stephenandwhitney-058Laughter…stephenandwhitney-059…and tears of joy. stephenandwhitney-060stephenandwhitney-061stephenandwhitney-062stephenandwhitney-065stephenandwhitney-067stephenandwhitney-068stephenandwhitney-069stephenandwhitney-070stephenandwhitney-071stephenandwhitney-072stephenandwhitney-073stephenandwhitney-075stephenandwhitney-076stephenandwhitney-077Russell Street BBQ= Best food I’ve ever had at a wedding. stephenandwhitney-078stephenandwhitney-079stephenandwhitney-080What’s not to like about jumping photos?stephenandwhitney-081stephenandwhitney-082I even saw a few familiar faces at this wedding from the days when I worked as a studio manager at Polara Studios. Hi Jay!:)stephenandwhitney-083stephenandwhitney-084stephenandwhitney-085stephenandwhitney-086stephenandwhitney-087stephenandwhitney-089stephenandwhitney-090stephenandwhitney-091stephenandwhitney-092stephenandwhitney-093stephenandwhitney-094Whoa! Don’t worry, the toppers survived their tumble. 🙂stephenandwhitney-095stephenandwhitney-096stephenandwhitney-098stephenandwhitney-099stephenandwhitney-100stephenandwhitney-102stephenandwhitney-103I had to include this photo because it made my laugh out loud when I was editing. 🙂stephenandwhitney-104stephenandwhitney-106stephenandwhitney-108Happily ever after…

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