Rebecca and Logan, September 30th 2011

Meet Lobecca. Lobecca is the nickname for the dynamic and adorable duo pictured below, a.k.a. Logan and Rebecca. They were married this year on the last day of September at one of the loveliest natural areas in all of Oregon, Bridal Veil Lakes. Before you take a peek at this blog post, you may want to prepare yourself to be completely and utterly charmed by what you see. This wedding had it all: a fabulous couple, a gorgeous setting, friendly and smiling faces everywhere, pretty decor, and beautiful weather. Rebecca and Logan’s wedding day perfectly reflected their loving and playful personalities. It was obvious that a lot of careful thought and planning had gone into creating a day that would be fun and memorable, not only for them, but for their family and friends. Rebecca and Logan, thank you for giving us the opportunity to document your wedding day. Wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!

To see highlights from Rebecca and Logan’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.
lobecca-001lobecca-002lobecca-003lobecca-005lobecca-006lobecca-009lobecca-010lobecca-011lobecca-012lobecca-013lobecca-014lobecca-015lobecca-016lobecca-017lobecca-018lobecca-019lobecca-020lobecca-021lobecca-023lobecca-024lobecca-025lobecca-026lobecca-027lobecca-028lobecca-030lobecca-031lobecca-032Logan’s grandma wasn’t able to make it to the wedding but was able to view it live via an Skype, an iPad, and an iPhone. Yay for technology!lobecca-033lobecca-034lobecca-035lobecca-038lobecca-040lobecca-042lobecca-043lobecca-046lobecca-047lobecca-048lobecca-049lobecca-050lobecca-051lobecca-053lobecca-054lobecca-055lobecca-056lobecca-057lobecca-058lobecca-059lobecca-060lobecca-061lobecca-062lobecca-063lobecca-064lobecca-065lobecca-066lobecca-067lobecca-068My favorite part of the day was when they took a canoe ride across the lake, right after the ceremony. All of their guests stopped to watch. Lovely!lobecca-069lobecca-070lobecca-071lobecca-072lobecca-073lobecca-074lobecca-077lobecca-080lobecca-081lobecca-082lobecca-083lobecca-084lobecca-085lobecca-087lobecca-089lobecca-092lobecca-093lobecca-094lobecca-095lobecca-097lobecca-098lobecca-099lobecca-100Catering by Nicholas Restaurant featured an array of delicious Lebanese specialties. Yum!lobecca-102lobecca-103lobecca-104lobecca-105lobecca-106lobecca-107lobecca-108lobecca-109lobecca-110lobecca-111lobecca-112lobecca-113lobecca-114lobecca-115

10 Responses to “Rebecca and Logan, September 30th 2011”

  1. Wendy says:

    Wow! So sorry to have missed this! Told Mark this looks right out of the pages of Martha Stewart magazine! Love Josh’s shots throughout, especially Dorothy on the iPad we all felt like we were a part of the wedding! Can’t wait for Lobecca CR reception

  2. susi bazelides says:

    love those red shoes. What a gorgeous setting for the wedding and a great send-off in the canoe. A great photographer in capturing such special moments!

  3. Liz says:

    What great pictures, I really felt like I was there. It was such a special setting and to be surrounded by loving family and friends, you can just tell made it a magical wedding, those pictures really captured everyone’s joy. Here is to a wonderful life, you had such a great sendoff!

  4. Molly Martin says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos of a lovely wedding. Thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations and heartfelt best wishes for a glorious life together.

    Molly Martin

  5. Rebecca Groff McClain says:

    Lauren and Lincoln,

    We cannot thank you enough. These photos are incredible and bring us back to every moment. You are amazing, we are so lucky to have had you document this special day.

    All the best and THANKS!!
    Lobecca 🙂

  6. Steve says:

    Looks like a wedding out of Hollywood. Girls here loved it.


  7. Lorrie Erusha says:

    Couldn’t think of anything any more lovely and fun, too! What wonderful memories of your special day and time. Looking forward to seeing you in Cedar Rapids!

  8. Pam and Sam Johnson says:

    Love the pics, felt as if we were there. Looking forward to the Cedar Rapids celebration. Pam and Sam

  9. Pam and Sam Johnson says:


  10. Sue and John Arthaud says:

    Absolutely astonishing photos, fun, flowers, shoes, tending to each and every detail!!! Love, love that I got to see them!
    Enjoy the forevers!
    Sue and John

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