Megan and Eli, December 18th 2010

I hope that 2011 is off to a great start for everyone! I’m still reflecting on what a awesome year 2010 was. In fact, I still have a few photo shoots that I would like to share with you from the past year. Among them was the sweet and intimate wedding of Megan and Eli. This lovely couple was married on December 18th 2010 at Multnomah Holiness Camp in SE Portland. December is a month of celebration, when family and friends come together to make merry, reflect on the past year, and look forward to the new year ahead. It’s a perfect time to tie the knot! Megan and Eli’s wedding day went off without a hitch. In fact, the rainy Portland skies parted at just the right time and gave us a chance to do a few photos outside. It was fabulous day and we thank Eli and Megan for choosing us to document it. Eli and Megan, we wish you a beautiful and bright future together!

meganandeli-24meganandeli-02meganandeli-04meganandeli-06meganandeli-07meganandeli-08meganandeli-09meganandeli-10meganandeli-11meganandeli-12meganandeli-13meganandeli-14meganandeli-15meganandeli-17meganandeli-19meganandeli-20meganandeli-21meganandeli-23meganandeli-25meganandeli-26meganandeli-29meganandeli-30meganandeli-31meganandeli-32One of my favorites from the day…meganandeli-33meganandeli-34meganandeli-35meganandeli-36meganandeli-37meganandeli-38meganandeli-39meganandeli-40meganandeli-41meganandeli-42meganandeli-43meganandeli-44meganandeli-45meganandeli-46meganandeli-47meganandeli-01meganandeli-48meganandeli-50meganandeli-51meganandeli-53meganandeli-54meganandeli-55meganandeli-56meganandeli-57meganandeli-58meganandeli-59meganandeli-60meganandeli-61meganandeli-62meganandeli-64meganandeli-65meganandeli-66

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  1. Lauren these are wonderful!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Of course the shots are gorgeous, you and Lincoln took them! Love the flowers.

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