Meet Baby Josie

Isn’t she lovely? I’ve been looking forward to Josie’s newborn session ever since mid-December when Mike, Josie’s dad, purchased a photo session for his wife, Octavia, who was expecting a baby in March. Octavia loves photographs and a newborn photo session was, in my opinion, such a thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed for many, many, many years to come. Josie wasn’t quite three weeks old when these photos were taken and she was such a sweet and patient photo subject. Many thanks to Octavia and Mike for welcoming me into their home and choosing me to document their beautiful daughter and many thanks to Josie for making my job so easy.

josie-blog-01josie-blog-02josie-blog-03josie-blog-04josie-blog-06josie-blog-07josie-blog-09I had these same books as a kid. Shel Silverstein is the best! josie-blog-10josie-blog-11josie-blog-12josie-blog-13josie-blog-15josie-blog-16josie-blog-18josie-blog-20josie-blog-21josie-blog-22josie-blog-24josie-blog-25Smiling in her sleep…so cute!josie-blog-26

3 Responses to “Meet Baby Josie”

  1. G MA says:

    Thank you Lauren for the beautiful family portraits of my granddaughter and her mama and daddy. What a delight it is to come to your blog and find such intimacy in the photographs you took of my son, Michael, and his beautiful wife, Octavia and their precious baby girl, Josie. Blessings to you! ~ Proud Grandmother of Josie Leone Merrill

  2. Pete and Paty Seratte says:

    What beautiful photographs of a beautiful family! Josie is so precious and, by the looks on Mike and Octavia’s faces, so loved! God Bless you all….Pete and Paty

  3. Auntie Carole says:

    Oh my gosh; she is so precious! Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful daughter with me. I can’t wait to meet her in person. L&H Great Auntie Carole

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