Meet Baby Elias

These next set of photos are very special to me. Elias was born on October 23rd, 2011, and he is the son of my friends, Kelly and Reny. Kelly and I have known one another for over 10 years and our friendship has spanned states and continents. I am honored that Kelly and Reny asked me to photograph Elias as a newborn. He was only 8 days old when these photos were taken. Looking at these images reminds me that life is sweet and that moments like these should be savored. Kelly and Reny, congratulations and much love to you both!

To see some of my favorite images from Elias’ newborn session, please click on the photo below.ย elias-blog-01elias-blog-02elias-blog-03elias-blog-06elias-blog-07elias-blog-09elias-blog-10elias-blog-11elias-blog-12elias-blog-13elias-blog-14elias-blog-15elias-blog-16elias-blog-17elias-blog-18elias-blog-19elias-blog-20The whole family! Love this photo. ๐Ÿ™‚elias-blog-21elias-blog-22

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