Kristin and Jeff, October 15th 2011

It’s here: our final wedding blog post of the year. As I’ve mentioned in years past, posting our last wedding of the year is always a little bittersweet for me. Although Lincoln and I look forward to a respite from our busy season, I know that we’ll also miss documenting happy days, like the one pictured below. However, I cannot think of a more beautiful and enchanting wedding to end the season with than that of Kristin and Jeff. This lovely couple was married on Saturday, October 15th at The Allison Inn & Spa in Newberg, Oregon. Their wedding day elegantly highlighted some of the most dreamy aspects of autumn in Oregon: the colorful foliage, cool, clear nights where you can gaze at the stars, and even the vast Oregon forests. Being at their wedding felt like you’d been transported to a cozy and romantic fall getaway in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The warm and inviting ambiance of their wedding day combined with the evident affection that the bride and groom share for one another made this wedding a true pleasure to photograph. Many thanks to Molli and her team at Soiree Event Planning for their, as always, exceptional coordination. Kristin and Jeff, wishing you a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and love. Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your amazing wedding day!

To see some of our favorite images from Kristin and Jeff’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.
kristinandjeff-wed-01kristinandjeff-wed-02kristinandjeff-wed-05kristinandjeff-wed-06kristinandjeff-wed-07Kristin looking stunning in her Lena Medoyeff gown…kristinandjeff-wed-09Jeff’s wedding band, featuring actual working gears! Very cool.kristinandjeff-wed-10kristinandjeff-wed-11kristinandjeff-wed-12kristinandjeff-wed-13kristinandjeff-wed-14kristinandjeff-wed-15kristinandjeff-wed-17kristinandjeff-wed-18kristinandjeff-wed-19kristinandjeff-wed-20kristinandjeff-wed-21kristinandjeff-wed-22kristinandjeff-wed-23kristinandjeff-wed-24kristinandjeff-wed-25kristinandjeff-wed-26kristinandjeff-wed-29kristinandjeff-wed-30kristinandjeff-wed-31kristinandjeff-wed-32kristinandjeff-wed-33kristinandjeff-wed-34kristinandjeff-wed-35kristinandjeff-wed-36kristinandjeff-wed-37kristinandjeff-wed-38kristinandjeff-wed-39kristinandjeff-wed-40Did I mention that the weather could not have been more perfect? 🙂kristinandjeff-wed-41kristinandjeff-wed-42kristinandjeff-wed-43kristinandjeff-wed-44kristinandjeff-wed-45kristinandjeff-wed-46kristinandjeff-wed-48kristinandjeff-wed-49kristinandjeff-wed-50kristinandjeff-wed-51kristinandjeff-wed-53kristinandjeff-wed-54kristinandjeff-wed-55kristinandjeff-wed-57kristinandjeff-wed-59All dresses should have pockets. Darling!kristinandjeff-wed-61kristinandjeff-wed-62kristinandjeff-wed-63The sunset that evening was phenomenal…kristinandjeff-wed-64kristinandjeff-wed-65kristinandjeff-wed-66kristinandjeff-wed-67kristinandjeff-wed-68kristinandjeff-wed-69kristinandjeff-wed-70kristinandjeff-wed-71kristinandjeff-wed-72kristinandjeff-wed-73kristinandjeff-wed-74kristinandjeff-wed-75kristinandjeff-wed-76kristinandjeff-wed-78kristinandjeff-wed-79kristinandjeff-wed-80kristinandjeff-wed-81kristinandjeff-wed-82kristinandjeff-wed-83kristinandjeff-wed-84kristinandjeff-wed-85kristinandjeff-wed-86kristinandjeff-wed-87kristinandjeff-wed-89kristinandjeff-wed-90kristinandjeff-wed-92kristinandjeff-wed-93kristinandjeff-wed-94

4 Responses to “Kristin and Jeff, October 15th 2011”

  1. Nancy Bryant says:


    These photos are wonderful! Thank you so much.

  2. Kristin Bryant says:

    Lauren and Lincoln,

    These are just wonderful! I love how well they capture the spirit of the day. Thank you so much for your amazing work…we loved having you as part of the wedding.


  3. Jerzy Modrak says:

    Superb wedding reortage! Some of these photos are really impressive!

  4. wonderful set of images!! the colour in them is fantastic as are the moments captured! Great work! Regards, Roberto

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