Jessica and Paul, February 18th 2011

Hello and happy March! It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month since we’ve had a new blog post. February was a very busy month here at Lauren Brooks Photography and I’m happy to report that March is following suit. It’s always fun when I’m spending more time behind the camera than behind the computer! However, it’s time for me to catch up on some editing and processing. This week I’m dedicating myself to delivering galleries and posting new images on the blog, so please stay tuned. There is a lot of great stuff to share!

Kicking off this week on the blog is the wedding of Jessica and Paul on February 18th 2011. There’s nothing that warms my soul like the cozy wintertime wedding of two incredibly sweet people! Jessica and Paul are native Oregonians that were born and raised in and around the area, so it was only natural that they would celebrate their nuptials in and around Portland. Jessica and Paul were married at All Saints Parish in NE Portland and their reception followed at the Treasury Ballroom in Downtown. It was a busy day for me and Lincoln, as this wedding incorporated five locations, including McPeets, the local watering hole where Paul and his buddies like to hang out:) However, navigating 5 locations turned out to be a breeze thanks to the careful and thoughtful coordinating of Krissa at Soiree Event Planning. This was such a fun wedding to photograph and what made it even better was the great couple and their friends and family members who celebrated into the night. Jessica and Paul, a sincere congratulations to you both. Here’s wishing you a very sweet future together!

jessicaandpaul-blog-01jessicaandpaul-blog-02jessicaandpaul-blog-04jessicaandpaul-blog-06jessicaandpaul-blog-07jessicaandpaul-blog-08jessicaandpaul-blog-09jessicaandpaul-blog-10jessicaandpaul-blog-12A true beauty! jessicaandpaul-blog-13jessicaandpaul-blog-15jessicaandpaul-blog-16jessicaandpaul-blog-17Love this ‘B-Boy’ photo request:) jessicaandpaul-blog-18jessicaandpaul-blog-19jessicaandpaul-blog-21jessicaandpaul-blog-22jessicaandpaul-blog-23jessicaandpaul-blog-24jessicaandpaul-blog-26jessicaandpaul-blog-27jessicaandpaul-blog-28jessicaandpaul-blog-30jessicaandpaul-blog-31jessicaandpaul-blog-32jessicaandpaul-blog-33jessicaandpaul-blog-34jessicaandpaul-blog-35jessicaandpaul-blog-36jessicaandpaul-blog-37jessicaandpaul-blog-38jessicaandpaul-blog-39jessicaandpaul-blog-40jessicaandpaul-blog-41jessicaandpaul-blog-42jessicaandpaul-blog-43jessicaandpaul-blog-45jessicaandpaul-blog-46jessicaandpaul-blog-47jessicaandpaul-blog-48jessicaandpaul-blog-49jessicaandpaul-blog-50jessicaandpaul-blog-51jessicaandpaul-blog-52jessicaandpaul-blog-54jessicaandpaul-blog-55jessicaandpaul-blog-56jessicaandpaul-blog-57jessicaandpaul-blog-58jessicaandpaul-blog-59jessicaandpaul-blog-60jessicaandpaul-blog-61jessicaandpaul-blog-62jessicaandpaul-blog-64jessicaandpaul-blog-65jessicaandpaul-blog-66jessicaandpaul-blog-67jessicaandpaul-blog-68jessicaandpaul-blog-69jessicaandpaul-blog-70jessicaandpaul-blog-71jessicaandpaul-blog-72jessicaandpaul-blog-74jessicaandpaul-blog-75jessicaandpaul-blog-76jessicaandpaul-blog-77

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love the dress, love the church, great photos…cannot wait to see more of your 2011 wedding season!

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