Danielle and Aaron, July 30th 2011

Trying to summarize how exciting it was to witness and photograph the wedding of two people who are not only our clients, but who have also become our friends, is not easy. Over the past year, Lincoln and I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Danielle and Aaron. We’ve witnessed to the excitement that led up to their wedding weekend and we’ve gotten to know them as a couple and as individuals. After only knowing them for one year, it’s easy to see why these two are meant to be together. They’re both driven, passionate, fun-loving, and caring. We’ve shared the best laughs with Danielle and Aaron while acting goofy in downtown Portland and on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor. They are loyal friends and it was an honor to photograph their beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony and reception in Reno, Nevada. Danielle and Aaron, we love you guys and we’re so happy for you! Wishing you two a long and happy marriage full of love, laughter, and friendship.

To see highlights from Danielle and Aaron’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.

danielleandaaron-wed-001danielleandaaron-wed-002danielleandaaron-wed-003danielleandaaron-wed-004danielleandaaron-wed-007danielleandaaron-wed-008Danielle and her beautiful laugh. 🙂danielleandaaron-wed-010danielleandaaron-wed-011danielleandaaron-wed-012danielleandaaron-wed-013danielleandaaron-wed-014danielleandaaron-wed-015danielleandaaron-wed-016danielleandaaron-wed-017danielleandaaron-wed-018danielleandaaron-wed-019Best friends. danielleandaaron-wed-020danielleandaaron-wed-021danielleandaaron-wed-022danielleandaaron-wed-024danielleandaaron-wed-025danielleandaaron-wed-026danielleandaaron-wed-027danielleandaaron-wed-028danielleandaaron-wed-029danielleandaaron-wed-030danielleandaaron-wed-031danielleandaaron-wed-032danielleandaaron-wed-033danielleandaaron-wed-034danielleandaaron-wed-035danielleandaaron-wed-036danielleandaaron-wed-037danielleandaaron-wed-038danielleandaaron-wed-039danielleandaaron-wed-040danielleandaaron-wed-041danielleandaaron-wed-042danielleandaaron-wed-043danielleandaaron-wed-044danielleandaaron-wed-045danielleandaaron-wed-046danielleandaaron-wed-047danielleandaaron-wed-048danielleandaaron-wed-049danielleandaaron-wed-050danielleandaaron-wed-051danielleandaaron-wed-052danielleandaaron-wed-053danielleandaaron-wed-054danielleandaaron-wed-055danielleandaaron-wed-056danielleandaaron-wed-057danielleandaaron-wed-060danielleandaaron-wed-061danielleandaaron-wed-062danielleandaaron-wed-063danielleandaaron-wed-064danielleandaaron-wed-065danielleandaaron-wed-066danielleandaaron-wed-067danielleandaaron-wed-068danielleandaaron-wed-069danielleandaaron-wed-070danielleandaaron-wed-071danielleandaaron-wed-072danielleandaaron-wed-073danielleandaaron-wed-074danielleandaaron-wed-075danielleandaaron-wed-076danielleandaaron-wed-077danielleandaaron-wed-078danielleandaaron-wed-079danielleandaaron-wed-080danielleandaaron-wed-081danielleandaaron-wed-082danielleandaaron-wed-084danielleandaaron-wed-085danielleandaaron-wed-086danielleandaaron-wed-087danielleandaaron-wed-088danielleandaaron-wed-089danielleandaaron-wed-090danielleandaaron-wed-091danielleandaaron-wed-092danielleandaaron-wed-093danielleandaaron-wed-094danielleandaaron-wed-095danielleandaaron-wed-096

3 Responses to “Danielle and Aaron, July 30th 2011”

  1. Jessica says:

    Love these images Lauren! Great work and stunning use of light!

  2. elizabeth says:

    Absolutely some of the best photos of Father of The Bride I have ever seen. The shots crossing the threshold of the door and going down the aisle were mesmerizing.

    That’s one of the best parts of your work, L & L, not only do you make the B&G look fabulous, but you capture the family and friends in the best light and in the most touching moments as well.

  3. Carol Watts says:

    Ah, as I knew you would, you both did an exquisite job of catching those perfect, unplanned moments to help us remember how beautiful Aaron and Danielle’s Day was! Thank you so much for taking such care and time with all of us. Having you there, knowing how well you would do your jobs, allowed me to relax, leave my camera at home, and just be the Mother of the Groom! I so much enjoyed getting acquainted with you both over the weekend. Aaron and Danielle are the richer because of your friendship. Am sooo looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!

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