Carolyn and Paul, July 17th 2011

I will never forget Carolyn and Paul’s wedding day. It’s not just because Carolyn and Paul are two of nicest people you will ever meet (they truly are) or that their wedding was wonderful on so many levels, it’s also because they had to make an unexpected venue change the day of their wedding. In fact, it was only a couple of hours before the ceremony that they made the tough decision to switch venues. Sunday, July 17th 2011 was a very rainy day in Portland, Oregon. It was so rainy that the ground was too wet for Carolyn and Paul to have their outdoor wedding at Garden Vineyards, as they had planned. As fate would have it, the owners of Garden Vineyards also have access to another beautiful venue, just minutes away, called DeArmond Garden Estate. As someone who witnessed nearly this entire event, if I didn’t know any better, I would have had no idea that their wedding was originally planned for another space. Their wedding day events went off without a hitch! Their guests arrived as planned. The ceremony took place and was perfect and sweet. There was laughter, there were tears of joy, beautiful decor and surroundings, great food by the Art of Catering, wonderful music by the Swingline Cubs, dancing, and plenty of merriment. Hands down, it was an incredible celebration! Looking through the photos, I don’t think there was a moment where Carolyn and Paul were not smiling or enjoying themselves. It seemed to me that this kind, relaxed, easy-going couple knew that, at the end of the day, they would be married and that was what mattered most. Carolyn and Paul, thank you for trusting Lincoln and I to document your beautiful wedding day. We wish you two the best in life and love!

To see highlights from Carolyn and Paul’s wedding day, please click on their photo below.

carolynandpaul-001carolynandpaul-002carolynandpaul-005The shoes!carolynandpaul-006carolynandpaul-007carolynandpaul-008carolynandpaul-009carolynandpaul-010carolynandpaul-011carolynandpaul-013carolynandpaul-014carolynandpaul-015carolynandpaul-016carolynandpaul-017carolynandpaul-018carolynandpaul-020carolynandpaul-021carolynandpaul-022carolynandpaul-024carolynandpaul-025carolynandpaul-026carolynandpaul-027carolynandpaul-030carolynandpaul-031Gorgeous florals by Lavishcarolynandpaul-032carolynandpaul-033carolynandpaul-034carolynandpaul-035carolynandpaul-037carolynandpaul-038carolynandpaul-039carolynandpaul-040carolynandpaul-041carolynandpaul-042carolynandpaul-043carolynandpaul-044carolynandpaul-045carolynandpaul-046carolynandpaul-047carolynandpaul-048carolynandpaul-050carolynandpaul-051carolynandpaul-052carolynandpaul-053carolynandpaul-054carolynandpaul-055Best smiles ever. 🙂carolynandpaul-056carolynandpaul-057carolynandpaul-059carolynandpaul-061carolynandpaul-064carolynandpaul-065carolynandpaul-067carolynandpaul-068carolynandpaul-069carolynandpaul-071carolynandpaul-073carolynandpaul-074carolynandpaul-075carolynandpaul-076carolynandpaul-077carolynandpaul-078carolynandpaul-079carolynandpaul-080Carolyn is so adorable!carolynandpaul-081carolynandpaul-082carolynandpaul-083carolynandpaul-084carolynandpaul-085carolynandpaul-086carolynandpaul-087carolynandpaul-088carolynandpaul-089carolynandpaul-090carolynandpaul-092carolynandpaul-093carolynandpaul-094Yum!carolynandpaul-095carolynandpaul-096carolynandpaul-097carolynandpaul-098carolynandpaul-099carolynandpaul-100carolynandpaul-101carolynandpaul-102carolynandpaul-103carolynandpaul-104carolynandpaul-105carolynandpaul-106carolynandpaul-107carolynandpaul-108carolynandpaul-109

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  1. you did such a beautiful job. love these photos!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you, Lauren and Lincoln, for capturing the beauty and joy of our wedding day in your photographs. It has been a pleasure!

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