Allie and Justin’s Mid-Winter Engagement Session

It may be hard to believe today, as the rain pours down on Portland, but there are quite a few picture-perfect days to be found during the winter in the Pacific Northwest. When I say picture perfect, I’m not talking about a sunny day with blue skies and white, puffy clouds (although, those are nice too). I’m talking about the kind of day that’s perfect for photographing people. This means no rain and low, thick cloud cover to diffuse the sunlight and create a nice, even, and flattering light everywhere you go. I love this kind of day and that’s just what we had for Allie and Justin’s engagement session on Sunday, February 20th. For their session, we decided to head out to Sauvie Island, one of the best spots in the area (in my opinion). Other than the wildlife, it was as if we had the whole island to ourselves. It was so beautiful and serene, I could’ve stayed there all day! Admittedly, it was a little chilly. However, Allie and Justin, who are both fond of the outdoors, were good sports about braving the cold temperatures as well as following us on a wild goose chase around the island looking for the perfect location. Allie and Justin, it was so nice to spend the afternoon with you two and have the opportunity to get to know you a little better. We’re looking forward to photographing your wedding in August!

allieandjustin-blog-01allieandjustin-blog-02Our first location: Howell Territorial Park. Not a soul in sight except for an extremely friendly golden labrador retriever who managed to elude the camera:)allieandjustin-blog-03allieandjustin-blog-04allieandjustin-blog-05allieandjustin-blog-07allieandjustin-blog-08allieandjustin-blog-09allieandjustin-blog-10allieandjustin-blog-12The birds at the sanctuary decided to take off just as we started shooting. The sound was incredible!allieandjustin-blog-13allieandjustin-blog-14allieandjustin-blog-15allieandjustin-blog-16allieandjustin-blog-17allieandjustin-blog-18allieandjustin-blog-19allieandjustin-blog-20allieandjustin-blog-21On the banks of the Columbia River…allieandjustin-blog-22allieandjustin-blog-23allieandjustin-blog-24allieandjustin-blog-25Love this one. allieandjustin-blog-26allieandjustin-blog-28allieandjustin-blog-29

3 Responses to “Allie and Justin’s Mid-Winter Engagement Session”

  1. Dina Avila says:

    Beautiful! I definitely need to spend more time on Sauvie. Would you mind sharing your favorite spots to shoot on the island?

    • Lauren says:

      Of course, Dina! I personally love Howell Territorial Park. In fact, until this session, I hadn’t tried any other locales on the island, aside from Kruger’s Farm. For this shoot, we decided to try something new and drove around looking for different spots. We stopped by a bird sanctuary on our way out the beaches, which was nice but fairly limited on where you could walk. The beach was a great location. A word of advice if you visit: some of the parks require a permit for your car. I think most of the convenience or grocery stores on the island sell them. Have fun!

  2. Kat Bellew says:

    There are quite a few pictures that I like. I agree, Allie, the first one is very nice of both of you, but I also like the colored on of you two at the fence where you are looking at eachother. I also like the birds in the backgroud of that one shot, but Justin has his side to us…so I don’t know. I love the pic of you guys walking away in the sand and your feet are in sync. I don’t know. I hope you get some of the others there are some beautiful ones of you Allie and I hope you get some for yourself.

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