Steph and Drew, July 2nd 2010

Steph and Drew’s wedding was unbelievably awesome. In fact, I’m having a hard time writing anything that will come close to how amazing their wedding day was. When this happens, I like to give you a few fun facts about the couple and then I let the photos do the talking…so here goes:)

Steph and Drew are from Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s my understanding that nearly all of their guests made the trip down from Canada to Cannon Beach join the couple on their wedding day. The bride, groom, their wedding party and family arrived about a week before the wedding to get ready for the big day as well as to enjoy some quality-time together. On Friday, July 2nd 2010, Steph and and Drew were married in front of their loved ones, with Haystack Rock and the Pacific Ocean as their backdrop. Their reception was held at the Surfsand Resort, a beachfront hotel in the heart of Cannon Beach. As one of Steph’s bridesmaids said to me, their wedding day was the culmination of a week of laughing, eating, drinking, partying, and bonding. I can’t think of a more perfect way to start your marriage than to be completely surrounded and supported by the people you love most in this world. Steph and Drew, congratulations! Thank you for making us feel like family on your wedding day. We’re now convinced that the rumors are true: Vancouverites are the nicest people in the world. Go Canada!

stephanddrew-01stephanddrew-02stephanddrew-03stephanddrew-04stephanddrew-05I love this moment that was captured in two different locations: Steph and Drew make the decision to have their wedding on the beach, despite the stormy-looking weather. Fortune favors the bold:) stephanddrew-06stephanddrew-08stephanddrew-09stephanddrew-11stephanddrew-12stephanddrew-13stephanddrew-14stephanddrew-15Steph and her dad have a quiet moment before the ceremony. stephanddrew-16stephanddrew-17stephanddrew-18stephanddrew-19stephanddrew-20stephanddrew-21stephanddrew-22stephanddrew-23Waiting for Lincoln to finish photographing the guys before I headed out to the beach with the ladies:)stephanddrew-24stephanddrew-25stephanddrew-27stephanddrew-28stephanddrew-29stephanddrew-30stephanddrew-32stephanddrew-33stephanddrew-35stephanddrew-36stephanddrew-37stephanddrew-38stephanddrew-39stephanddrew-40stephanddrew-41stephanddrew-42stephanddrew-43stephanddrew-44stephanddrew-45stephanddrew-46stephanddrew-47stephanddrew-48stephanddrew-49stephanddrew-50stephanddrew-51stephanddrew-52The weather couldn’t have been better that day. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve experienced at Cannon Beach. stephanddrew-53stephanddrew-54stephanddrew-56stephanddrew-57stephanddrew-59stephanddrew-60stephanddrew-61stephanddrew-62stephanddrew-63stephanddrew-64stephanddrew-65stephanddrew-66stephanddrew-67stephanddrew-68stephanddrew-69stephanddrew-70stephanddrew-71stephanddrew-72stephanddrew-73stephanddrew-74We headed back to the beach with the newlyweds for a few sunset shots. The light was unbelievable! stephanddrew-76stephanddrew-77stephanddrew-78stephanddrew-80stephanddrew-81Back to the party:)stephanddrew-82stephanddrew-83stephanddrew-84stephanddrew-85stephanddrew-86stephanddrew-87stephanddrew-88stephanddrew-89stephanddrew-90stephanddrew-91stephanddrew-92stephanddrew-93stephanddrew-94

Congratulations and best wishes for the future, Steph and Drew!

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  1. Ryan Flood says:

    Fortune favors the bold indeed! Great lighting in that black-and-white sunset shot!

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