Shelly and Nathan’s Engagement Session in the Pearl District

Shelly and Nathan are not only photogenic, they’re also extremely energetic! These two qualities combined made for a very fun and entertaining engagement session in Portland’s Pearl District. We met Shelly and Nathan at Tanner Springs Park on a cool, cloudy, and colorful November afternoon. We spent a couple of hours together, exploring the Pearl and ended up at Andina just in time for lunch. It was an extremely enjoyable afternoon and I know that their wedding will be equally as awesome. Shelly and Nathan, we’re looking forward to August 5th!


7 Responses to “Shelly and Nathan’s Engagement Session in the Pearl District”

  1. Nathan and Shelly says:

    These turned out awesome (we knew they would)!
    Thank you for all your hard work- we really appreciate it!

  2. Lea Garteiz says:

    Every shot you took has its strength and message! The images talk to me! They surprise each and every time! I don’t envy anyone attempting to choose which ones to pick – I want them all. (I try to be objective, can I help it I love both of you so?!)

  3. Cherry Liao says:

    Awesome photoes!! Hao Piao Liang!
    I like this kind of style, very real, I feel like I am watching a movie with a love story. hahaha!

    you know what, Shelly, in China, people wear very fancy with super pretty make up, which you even cannot recognize. and the photography studio has to do a lot of ps work to make the photo PERFECT.

  4. Carrie Schroeder says:

    These are so beautiful. Every picture makes me smile. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun taking them too. Congrats, kids!

  5. Abbe says:

    OMG – these are beautiful. Shelly, you’re beautiful! Jeff and I are very happy for you.

  6. Bill says:

    Oh Shelly,those are SO cute,and so well designed. Just like I was following you two around on your trip!
    Carole had already enjoyed them. Can’t wait to see you (two) at ‘the wedding’.


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