Sara and Scott, September 18th 2010

Sara and Scott’s wedding was full-to-the-brim with many special moments and sweet, personalized details. It’s a wedding that truly stole my heart. Sara and Scott were married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Hood River, Oregon with their reception following at Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast in Parkdale, Oregon. Looking back through their images, I fell in love with their wedding day all over again. From Sara’s lovely nosegay bouquet that held a peice of her grandmother’s wedding gown to Scott’s humorous introduction of all of the attending eligible bachelors before he tossed Sara’s garter, their celebration was a perfect mix of tradition, elegance, romance, humor, and fun. Sara and Scott, thank you for choosing me and Lincoln to document your wedding day. We wish you a beautiful future together!

saraandscott-01saraandscott-02saraandscott-04Gorgeous!saraandscott-05saraandscott-06saraandscott-08saraandscott-09saraandscott-10saraandscott-11saraandscott-13saraandscott-14saraandscott-15saraandscott-16saraandscott-17saraandscott-18saraandscott-19I’m in love with Sara’s bouquet!saraandscott-20saraandscott-21saraandscott-22saraandscott-23saraandscott-24saraandscott-25saraandscott-26saraandscott-27saraandscott-28saraandscott-29saraandscott-30saraandscott-32saraandscott-33saraandscott-34saraandscott-35My favorite photo from the day:)saraandscott-36saraandscott-37saraandscott-38Sara, Scott, and their friends and family braved the rain that day to do a few photos outside. Well worth it, I think!saraandscott-39saraandscott-41saraandscott-42saraandscott-43saraandscott-45saraandscott-47saraandscott-48saraandscott-49saraandscott-50saraandscott-51Beer made by Sara’s brother just for their wedding. Love!saraandscott-52Scott’s mother made marionberry jam that they used as favor’s for their guests. saraandscott-53Sara’s best friend and maid-of-honor, Amber, gave Scott and Sara this painting as a gift and also made their awesome cake toppers. saraandscott-54saraandscott-55saraandscott-56saraandscott-57saraandscott-59saraandscott-60saraandscott-61saraandscott-62saraandscott-63saraandscott-64saraandscott-65saraandscott-66saraandscott-67saraandscott-68saraandscott-69saraandscott-70saraandscott-71saraandscott-72saraandscott-73saraandscott-74saraandscott-75Scott introducing all of the eligible bachelors before the garter toss. This was hilarious! saraandscott-76saraandscott-77saraandscott-78saraandscott-79saraandscott-80saraandscott-81saraandscott-82saraandscott-83saraandscott-84saraandscott-85saraandscott-86saraandscott-87saraandscott-88saraandscott-89

6 Responses to “Sara and Scott, September 18th 2010”

  1. Lisa says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for capturing my brother’s special day so well. I love the pictures of them during their dance — it was my favorite part of the whole day.

  2. susan snead says:

    you never cease to amaze me. beautiful (as always). love the gentleman/flask picture 🙂

  3. Suzy says:

    Awesome photos. I love your artistic flair….they are not like most wedding photos. You really captured the moment.

  4. Really great photos, very artistic and endearing!

  5. Anna Rose says:

    This looks like a VERY wonderful wedding! So glad I could enjoy it this way! My best wishes to the groom and bride. Love, Aunt Anna

  6. Twizzler says:

    my eyes are welled up looking at these BEAUTIFUL photos , but all happy tears.
    Sara you are Audrey Hepburn…STUNNING!!!!
    Sorry I couldn’t be there to share in the day but hope you know I was there in spirit
    XOXO to you and Scott

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