Melissa and Nick’s Engagement Photo Session in Lake Oswego

A few weeks ago, Melissa and Nick braved the cold and wind with me and Lincoln all in the name of engagement photos. I’m sure glad they did! Oh, how I love this session:) Their portraits took place at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego on a chilly December morning. All of the leaves may have fallen from the trees and the skies may have been gray, but the wintry elements only seemed to highlight the warmth and love that exists between Melissa and Nick. If you have a moment, please check out a few of my favorite photos from their session. Melissa and Nick, we’re looking forward to your August wedding!


4 Responses to “Melissa and Nick’s Engagement Photo Session in Lake Oswego”

  1. Melissa and Nick says:

    Thank you so much Lauren and Lincoln for these fabulous photos! Nick and I are so happy to have you both as our photographers. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease in front of the camera that, even though we were FREEZING, it was an awesome day!
    Thanks again for everything!

  2. Grandpa Dave says:

    Two beautiful an event to be remembered forever of two of my favorite human beings. God Bless You Both.

  3. Grandpa Dave says:

    I originaly wrote “Two beautiful people…

  4. Carley Osborne says:

    Melissa and Nick, you are such an adorable couple!! LOVE THE PHOTOS!

    Lauren, AS ALWAYS, YOU TAKE THE BEST PHOTOS, thanks for all you do!!



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