Lindsey and Jon, July 31st 2010

Have you ever been to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Oregon? If not, you’re about to get a sneak peek into one of the loveliest places in all of Oregon. This gorgeous spot is where Jon and Lindsey chose to say their vows and start their married life together. Before their ceremony, guests were encouraged to come early and explore the many different gardens on the property. I thought that was such a great idea since the Oregon Garden is a big place with ambling paths. You could spend an entire day there simply visiting the varioust gardens! Their sun-soaked wedding day will always stand out in my mind as one of the most fun and relaxed celebrations that we’ve had the opportunity to photograph. Congratulations Jon and Lindsey! Thank you for choosing us to document your celebration. May your marriage be as beautiful as your wedding day!

lindseyandjon-001lindseyandjon-002lindseyandjon-004lindseyandjon-005lindseyandjon-006lindseyandjon-007Lovely!lindseyandjon-008lindseyandjon-009lindseyandjon-010lindseyandjon-012lindseyandjon-013Pantone chip cufflinks= awesomelindseyandjon-014Jon gifted his groomsmen a pocket watch. What a beautiful and useful gift!lindseyandjon-015lindseyandjon-016Jon’s handsome bespoke suit made by Portland’s own Duchess Clothier.lindseyandjon-017lindseyandjon-018lindseyandjon-019lindseyandjon-020lindseyandjon-022lindseyandjon-023lindseyandjon-024lindseyandjon-025lindseyandjon-026lindseyandjon-027lindseyandjon-029lindseyandjon-030lindseyandjon-031lindseyandjon-032lindseyandjon-033Gorgeous flowers by Blum!lindseyandjon-034lindseyandjon-036lindseyandjon-037lindseyandjon-039lindseyandjon-040lindseyandjon-041Beautiful!!!lindseyandjon-042lindseyandjon-043lindseyandjon-044lindseyandjon-045lindseyandjon-046lindseyandjon-047lindseyandjon-048lindseyandjon-049lindseyandjon-050lindseyandjon-053A post-ceremony group hug from the wedding party was one of my favorite moments from the day.lindseyandjon-054lindseyandjon-055lindseyandjon-056lindseyandjon-057lindseyandjon-058This may be the cutest cake I’ve ever seen. Cake and cupcakes made by Bakery Barlindseyandjon-060lindseyandjon-061lindseyandjon-062lindseyandjon-063lindseyandjon-064lindseyandjon-065Lots of laughs:)lindseyandjon-066lindseyandjon-067lindseyandjon-068lindseyandjon-069lindseyandjon-070lindseyandjon-071lindseyandjon-072lindseyandjon-074lindseyandjon-075lindseyandjon-076lindseyandjon-077lindseyandjon-078lindseyandjon-079lindseyandjon-080Another favorite moment: dance party with sunglasses!lindseyandjon-081lindseyandjon-082lindseyandjon-083lindseyandjon-084lindseyandjon-085lindseyandjon-086lindseyandjon-087lindseyandjon-088lindseyandjon-089lindseyandjon-090

8 Responses to “Lindsey and Jon, July 31st 2010”

  1. Beautiful images to capture such a lovely day! It was also great to meet you! Sorry we couldn’t talk longer… I tend to zero in on my mission come wedding days. 🙂

  2. Lauren, I love your photos! You’re an amazing photographer!

  3. Kristin Brandis says:

    Amazing photos Lauren… but I must say: PANTONE CUFFLINKS?! That made this art director’s day.

  4. Erin says:

    The photos are beautuful! Im REALLY sad now I had a fever and missed it!

  5. Brian & Marjorie says:

    Great photos… Had a wonderful time.

  6. vikki & gene says:

    I’m friends with parents. I’m delighted to see great pics older generations. I can’t say enough about setting.

  7. Ryan Chaney says:

    Beautiful as usual Lauren!! Oregon Garden is one of my favorite places to shoot… it’s right in my backyard practically! Great job.

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