Leah and John, August 14th 2010

This winter, when rain has set in, the sky is gray, and the air is damp and cold, I will go back to Leah and John’s wedding photographs to remind me of the warm, romantic, sun-soaked days of summer. You may remember Leah and John from their engagement photo session this spring. We had so much fun that Friday in April, visiting the places that held significance to them as a couple. Just a few weeks ago, Lincoln and I had the opportunity to photograph Leah and John’s wedding weekend. Below are a few of our favorite images from their wedding which was held on Saturday, August 14th at Melrose Vineyards. Leah and John, thank you for choosing us to document this chapter in your lives together. We wish you the best in life and love!


johnandleah-02johnandleah-03johnandleah-04A fellow shutterbug:)johnandleah-05johnandleah-06johnandleah-07johnandleah-08Beautiful Leah. johnandleah-09johnandleah-11johnandleah-12johnandleah-14johnandleah-15johnandleah-16johnandleah-17johnandleah-18johnandleah-19I have to give a shout out to Portland designer Sarah Seven, who designed the bridesmaid dresses. The dress looked fantastic on everyone!johnandleah-20johnandleah-22johnandleah-23johnandleah-25johnandleah-27John and his grandma before the ceremony…so sweet.johnandleah-29johnandleah-31johnandleah-32johnandleah-33johnandleah-34johnandleah-35johnandleah-36johnandleah-37johnandleah-38johnandleah-39johnandleah-40johnandleah-41johnandleah-42johnandleah-44johnandleah-46johnandleah-47johnandleah-48johnandleah-49johnandleah-50johnandleah-51So many lovely details!johnandleah-53johnandleah-55johnandleah-56johnandleah-57johnandleah-59johnandleah-61There were flowers everywhere! It was incredible. Florist and event coordinator Andrew Calvert of The Perfect Occasion never ceases to amaze me with his artistry!johnandleah-63johnandleah-64johnandleah-65johnandleah-67johnandleah-68johnandleah-69johnandleah-71johnandleah-73johnandleah-74johnandleah-75johnandleah-76johnandleah-77johnandleah-78johnandleah-79johnandleah-81johnandleah-82johnandleah-83johnandleah-84johnandleah-85johnandleah-86Yes, these gentlemen are serenading the ladies with a heartfelt rendition of ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’. It was priceless:) johnandleah-87johnandleah-88johnandleah-89johnandleah-91johnandleah-92This little girl loved to dance. I don’t think that she left the dance floor all night:)johnandleah-94johnandleah-95johnandleah-96johnandleah-97

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  1. Marcia Jaques says:

    The pictures were beautiful – can’t wait to see more. You both did a great job of capturing this special day in our lives.

  2. Charity Williams says:

    These pictures are fabulous, You did such a wonderful job!! What wonderful memories you have made for Leah and John!!

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