Laurel and Josh, October 9th 2010

I’m very excited to finally share with you a few of our favorite photos from Laurel and Josh’s wedding day. As I mentioned on My Portland Photographer last week, any couple who plans their wedding in the Pacific Northwest, no matter what month they choose, knows that there is a chance that it may rain on their wedding day. Keep in mind that rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good fortune for a long and happy marriage. If this is true (and I believe it is) Laurel and Josh’s marriage is off to a wonderful start. They were married at Stonehedge Gardens in Hood River, Oregon under a calm and steady rain that added an extra element of excitement, beauty, and uniqueness to their wedding day. I can only hope that, through our photos, Lincoln and I were able to come close to conveying the warm, joyful, and romantic atmosphere that prevailed throughout their entire day. Laurel and Josh, it was a pleasure to photograph your wedding. Here’s to many, many years of happiness, come rain or come shine. Congratulations!

laurelandjosh-01laurelandjosh-02laurelandjosh-04laurelandjosh-05Laurel is happy with her bouquet:)laurelandjosh-06laurelandjosh-07laurelandjosh-08laurelandjosh-09laurelandjosh-10laurelandjosh-11laurelandjosh-12laurelandjosh-13laurelandjosh-14laurelandjosh-15laurelandjosh-16laurelandjosh-17laurelandjosh-18laurelandjosh-19laurelandjosh-20laurelandjosh-21laurelandjosh-22laurelandjosh-23laurelandjosh-24laurelandjosh-25laurelandjosh-27laurelandjosh-28laurelandjosh-29laurelandjosh-30laurelandjosh-31laurelandjosh-32laurelandjosh-34laurelandjosh-35laurelandjosh-36laurelandjosh-37laurelandjosh-38laurelandjosh-40laurelandjosh-41laurelandjosh-42laurelandjosh-43laurelandjosh-44laurelandjosh-46laurelandjosh-47laurelandjosh-48laurelandjosh-49laurelandjosh-50laurelandjosh-51laurelandjosh-52laurelandjosh-53laurelandjosh-54laurelandjosh-55laurelandjosh-56laurelandjosh-57Married:)laurelandjosh-58laurelandjosh-59laurelandjosh-60laurelandjosh-62laurelandjosh-63laurelandjosh-64laurelandjosh-65laurelandjosh-66Whoa! Dreamy lens effect brought to you by a cold lens in a warm room.laurelandjosh-67laurelandjosh-68laurelandjosh-69laurelandjosh-70laurelandjosh-71laurelandjosh-72laurelandjosh-73laurelandjosh-74laurelandjosh-75laurelandjosh-76laurelandjosh-77laurelandjosh-78laurelandjosh-79laurelandjosh-80laurelandjosh-81laurelandjosh-82laurelandjosh-83laurelandjosh-84laurelandjosh-85laurelandjosh-86laurelandjosh-87laurelandjosh-88laurelandjosh-89

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  2. Wonderful! Love these so very much and it was wonderful being there!

  3. amancay says:

    well done Lauren… well done!

  4. Lynne says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! Great job of capturing the essence of the day.

  5. kelly says:

    These are incredible! The rain reminds me of my wedding day, and how rain brings that extra element of beauty! You can definitely tell how in love Laurel and Josh are. Such a beautiful couple and wedding!

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