Kim, Addie, and Marin

Family portrait sessions are becoming a fast favorite of mine. This next session was so fun! I love watching a mother and her daughters play together. What beautiful smiles they all have:) This is one family who really knows how to have a good time. Thank you, Kim. I had a blast photographing you and your girls!

hfamilyportraits2010-01hfamilyportraits2010-02hfamilyportraits2010-04hfamilyportraits2010-05hfamilyportraits2010-06hfamilyportraits2010-08Marin is such a great big sister…hfamilyportraits2010-10Addie loves Marin and wants to do everything her big sister does…so cute:) hfamilyportraits2010-12hfamilyportraits2010-14hfamilyportraits2010-16hfamilyportraits2010-18hfamilyportraits2010-20hfamilyportraits2010-21

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  1. These are great Lauren! Love the bottom two on the swing!

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