Emilie and Rob’s Engagement Session – A Love Story in SE PDX

Meet Emilie and Rob. They are an adorable couple who are madly in love with one another and, on June 24th 2010, they will be married. For their engagement session, Emilie and Rob chose to do something that I think is wonderfully creative and fun: a photo story of their courtship. Emilie and Rob’s love story takes place almost entirely in SE Portland, Oregon. In fact, their first date, their first kiss, their first apartment, even the spot where they were engaged are all within just a few blocks of one another! We spent a sunny afternoon, hanging out in SE Portland, taking photos and chatting, right where they fell in love. I could tell you all about it, but you should really check out the photos:) Congratulations Emilie and Rob! Lincoln and I enjoyed getting to know you two and we’re looking forward to photographing your wedding.

Rob and Emilie met through mutual friends while Emilie was visiting Portland from Chicago…

February 18th 2008 at the Sapphire Hotel: Emilie and Rob’s first date and, I believe, their first kiss:)

This may be my favorite part of their story: Completely smitten, Emilie writes their initials in wet piece of sidewalk cement soon after their first date….

….and this is the spot where Rob proposed!

November 22nd 2008: The day that Rob and Emilie get engaged!

This building is where Emilie and Rob lived before they bought their first home. They used to grill out on this fire escape in the summertime.

This photo makes me want to watch ‘Say Anything’ for the 100th time:)

Congratulations again, you two! So looking forward to documenting your big day.

4 Responses to “Emilie and Rob’s Engagement Session – A Love Story in SE PDX”

  1. Julie Trangsrud says:

    So sweet! I always love the story and the photos and this one is especially good–congrats!

  2. Uncle Brian says:

    FANTASTIC ! ! ! Can’t wait to be with you both to share your wedding day ! Much Love, Uncle BJ

  3. Robe's mom says:

    I love those pictures, except where you are right on the train tracks – it makes me nervous to get you off before the train comes!!!

  4. What a great story, captured beautifully through your photography.

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