Emilie and Rob, June 24th 2010

Emilie and Rob were married at McMenamin’s Edgefield on a warm and sunny Thursday afternoon in June. After photographing Emilie and Rob’s engagement session in May, Lincoln and I were really looking forward to documenting their wedding. This fabulous couple has such a sweet love story and they are both kind and creative people who are crazy about one another. I knew that their wedding would not only be a feast to the eyes, it would also be full of fun, whimsy, laughter and love…and it was! In fact, it was all that and more. Please click on the photo below and see for yourself:) Emilie and Rob, we wish you many years of continued happiness!

emilieandrobwed-001emilieandrobwed-002Emilie’s bouquet was madeof broaches that friends and family gifted her at her bridal shower. Emilie’s lovely mother, Susie, assembled this beautiful creation. emilieandrobwed-004emilieandrobwed-006emilieandrobwed-007emilieandrobwed-009emilieandrobwed-011emilieandrobwed-012emilieandrobwed-013emilieandrobwed-015A family friend also captured their wedding on Super 8 . I can’t wait to see it! emilieandrobwed-016emilieandrobwed-018emilieandrobwed-019emilieandrobwed-020emilieandrobwed-022emilieandrobwed-023emilieandrobwed-025emilieandrobwed-026emilieandrobwed-028emilieandrobwed-029emilieandrobwed-030emilieandrobwed-031Rob’s sisters, brothers, and other children who attended the wedding made the colorful and cute signage!emilieandrobwed-032emilieandrobwed-033emilieandrobwed-034emilieandrobwed-035emilieandrobwed-036emilieandrobwed-037Gorgeous!emilieandrobwed-038emilieandrobwed-039emilieandrobwed-040emilieandrobwed-041emilieandrobwed-042emilieandrobwed-043emilieandrobwed-044emilieandrobwed-045emilieandrobwed-046emilieandrobwed-047emilieandrobwed-048emilieandrobwed-049emilieandrobwed-050emilieandrobwed-051emilieandrobwed-053emilieandrobwed-054emilieandrobwed-056emilieandrobwed-057emilieandrobwed-058emilieandrobwed-059emilieandrobwed-061emilieandrobwed-062emilieandrobwed-063emilieandrobwed-064Guests thumbprints and signatures made up the leaves on the tree of this wonderfully creative guest book alternative.  emilieandrobwed-066emilieandrobwed-067Rob said that they couldn’t pick just one of Jaciva’s cakes, so they decided to have a bunch of their favorite flavors.emilieandrobwed-068emilieandrobwed-069emilieandrobwed-070emilieandrobwed-071emilieandrobwed-072emilieandrobwed-073emilieandrobwed-074emilieandrobwed-075emilieandrobwed-076emilieandrobwed-077emilieandrobwed-078emilieandrobwed-079emilieandrobwed-080emilieandrobwed-081emilieandrobwed-082emilieandrobwed-083emilieandrobwed-084emilieandrobwed-086emilieandrobwed-087emilieandrobwed-088The bubbles and sparklers were a big hit!emilieandrobwed-089emilieandrobwed-090emilieandrobwed-091emilieandrobwed-092emilieandrobwed-094emilieandrobwed-095emilieandrobwed-096emilieandrobwed-097emilieandrobwed-098What an awesome day it was! Congratulations, Emilie and Rob. Lincoln and I are so happy for you!

11 Responses to “Emilie and Rob, June 24th 2010”

  1. Mara Oswald says:

    Love them!!! Cant wait to see the rest!!!!

  2. Brittany Nestor says:

    I also love them!!! My favorite is Emilie’s shoe touching Kamden’s shoe….but I’m partial! They all turned out amazing!!!

  3. donna says:

    absolutely stunning!!! every shot is incredible! awesome work… job well done!
    thank you!

  4. Kelly Constant says:

    These are some of my favorites yet!

  5. Kathie Stork says:

    Wow! These pictures really captured the day!

  6. Lindsay Larkin says:

    These are beautiful! I love the dress, the bouquet, and the Chucks 🙂

  7. Brandi MacAulay says:

    Beautiful pictures, I can’t wait to see more!! What a great day it was!!

  8. Krista says:

    Wow, gorgeous work and gorgeous couple!

  9. Sarah Flores says:


  10. Robin Rigutto says:

    Emilie and Rob
    i’ve been waiting patiently to see these. All of us at Dr Lam’s office wish you all the happiness. see you in 6 months. 🙂

  11. Claire Horton (fr Berkley) says:

    The photos are delightful. My favorite thing? The bouquet of brooches.
    Most memorable is the variety of smiles, colors, shoes, faces and backgrounds.
    Congratulations to all.

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