Cicely, Jesse, and Tyus in Downtown Charlottesville, VA

Cicely is one of my very best friends in the whole world. She and I met way back in sixth grade at Walker Upper Elementary School and we have been close friends ever since. We’ve experienced so much together in the 18 years that we’ve known each other and I feel fortunate to have someone as kind and magnanimous as Cicely in my life. Even though we live on opposite ends of the country, whenever I see Cicely it’s like we’ve never been apart. She is a true friend.

One of the greatest joys in life is to witness happiness in others, especially in the people that you love. About two and a half years ago, Cicely gave birth to her son, Tyus. Ty is the sweetest, most spirited little boy I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and Cicely is a wonderful mother who has an incredible capacity to give and receive love. Now, Cicely has met an amazing man, Jesse, and they are going to be married in November of this year! Jesse, Cicely and Tyus make such a cute family and you can tell how much they care about and respect one another. While Lincoln and I were back East visiting our hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, we spent a beautiful evening with Cicely, Jesse, and Tyus taking both engagement and family portraits. It was so much fun and Lincoln and I were honored to have the opportunity to capture this exciting time in their lives. Congratulations you guys! We love you very much and we’re looking forward to seeing you in November.

Cute shoes, Cic! 😉

Tyus doesn’t walk…he runs everywhere! And he’s fast too!

Sweetest face ever! He was running toward me, laughing the entire time.

Tyus saw a cat through the mail slot. How cute is he?

6 Responses to “Cicely, Jesse, and Tyus in Downtown Charlottesville, VA”

  1. Lauren these are wonderful. Seems to me that you guys captured the spirit of this family. Always love your work!

  2. Mollie says:

    What beautiful people! You did a great job capturing their love. It is hard to pick a favorite, and though I love the one of just the two of them cuddled up like no one is watching, I think my favorites are all the ones of family on the steps…especially that first one. Such a great mix of family and engagement, I can’t say enough about how much I love this set of images.

  3. K+D says:

    I love this couple. I love the way they all look at you (the photographer). Their eyes speak volumes of the relationship you all have each other. The historical setting and red brick instill the sense of your deep roots. These make me miss the east coast.

  4. Jesse's Mom says says:

    The photographs of Jess, Cicely & Ty are wonderful and it’s truly difficult to choose a favorite! More importantly they capture the love they all share. Cicely and Ty will be wonderful additions to our family and we look forward to many great years.

  5. Lynn says:

    These are gorgeous photos, and it’s evident how much fun all of you had! I can hardly believe what a little man Ty has become. You’ve captured such a natural beauty and grace in these pics. Best wishes to Cicely, Jesse and Ty.

  6. Stefanie says:

    These pictures are beautiful!! I don’t say that lightly but these will definitely be pictures Jess, Cicely, and Ty can cherish in the future. It makes me even more excited for them as the wedding day approaches!

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