Carley and Jon, August 7th 2010

There are so many nice things to say about Carley and Jon’s wedding day. And, after spending a very exciting and action-packed 8 hours with them on their wedding day, I also have many nice things to say about Carley and Jon as people. It was evident to me that this magnanimous couple lives their lives to the fullest, and loves their friends, family, and one another with all of their heart. Their classically beautiful wedding was held at DeArmond Garden Estate in Hillsboro, Oregon and had a little bit of everything that makes for a perfect day: sunshine, laughter, clouds, tears, and even a little rain shower for good luck. It was one of the loveliest events that we have had the opportunity to photograph. What made it so special were the people and their emotions which made it clear how genuinely happy they were to be there. Congratulations Carley and Jon! Here’s to a lifetime of love and friendship.

carleyandjon-001carleyandjon-002A little history on this poem: It was part of an assignment that Carley had to do in middle school. Her mom kept it, framed it, and gave it to her on her wedding day. Very sweet:)carleyandjon-003carleyandjon-006carleyandjon-007carleyandjon-008carleyandjon-011carleyandjon-012carleyandjon-013carleyandjon-014carleyandjon-015carleyandjon-016carleyandjon-017carleyandjon-018carleyandjon-019carleyandjon-020carleyandjon-021carleyandjon-023carleyandjon-024carleyandjon-025carleyandjon-026carleyandjon-027carleyandjon-028Kudos to the talented and vivacious Kelsie Hopkins of Bride and Bloom Designs for her fabulous floral artitistry and coordination at this wedding. Kelsie, you rock!carleyandjon-029carleyandjon-031carleyandjon-032carleyandjon-033carleyandjon-035carleyandjon-036carleyandjon-038carleyandjon-040carleyandjon-042carleyandjon-043carleyandjon-045carleyandjon-047carleyandjon-048carleyandjon-049I’m not sure if there was a dry eye to be found during the ceremony…carleyandjon-050=carleyandjon-052carleyandjon-053carleyandjon-054carleyandjon-055carleyandjon-056carleyandjon-057carleyandjon-058carleyandjon-060carleyandjon-061carleyandjon-062carleyandjon-063carleyandjon-064carleyandjon-065carleyandjon-066carleyandjon-067carleyandjon-068carleyandjon-069carleyandjon-071carleyandjon-072carleyandjon-074carleyandjon-075carleyandjon-077carleyandjon-079carleyandjon-081carleyandjon-082carleyandjon-083carleyandjon-084carleyandjon-085carleyandjon-086carleyandjon-087carleyandjon-088carleyandjon-089carleyandjon-090carleyandjon-091carleyandjon-092carleyandjon-093carleyandjon-095carleyandjon-096carleyandjon-097carleyandjon-098carleyandjon-100I love how Carley’s amazing wedding dress looks as though it’s melting into the ground. So beautiful!carleyandjon-101carleyandjon-103Carley and her dad surprised Jon and the guests with a choreographed dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Priceless!carleyandjon-104carleyandjon-105carleyandjon-106carleyandjon-108carleyandjon-109carleyandjon-110carleyandjon-111carleyandjon-112carleyandjon-113carleyandjon-114carleyandjon-115carleyandjon-116carleyandjon-117carleyandjon-118carleyandjon-119carleyandjon-120carleyandjon-121carleyandjon-123carleyandjon-124carleyandjon-125carleyandjon-126

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