Backyard Family Portrait Session

Summer is the best time for a sweet family portrait session.  A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Jay, Rachele, and their children, Elise and Nolan, in their very own backyard. I had so much fun hanging out with this adorable family, enjoying the summer evening, and documenting them spending quality-time together. I love my job!thegfamily-01thegfamily-02thegfamily-03Little Nolan, what a cutie pie!thegfamily-04thegfamily-05thegfamily-06Jay and Elise having a good time:)thegfamily-07thegfamily-08thegfamily-09thegfamily-10thegfamily-11thegfamily-12thegfamily-13thegfamily-14thegfamily-15Who doesn’t love a giant chocolate chip cookie? 🙂thegfamily-16thegfamily-17Beautiful Rachele. thegfamily-18thegfamily-19thegfamily-20thegfamily-21thegfamily-23thegfamily-24thegfamily-25thegfamily-26

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  1. Ahh, what a wonderful family! Lovely photos! And the cookie shots are adorable 🙂

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