Ann and Ira, October 2nd 2010

I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of October. It seems like it was just last weekend that we were photographing Ann and Ira’s beautiful wedding at Skamania Lodge. Their wedding day was one of the most gorgeous days we’ve had this fall, with blue skies, abundant sunshine, and a crispness in the air that let you know that autumn is here.  Ann and Ira are a kind and gentle couple and their wedding day felt joyful and blissfully relaxed. I got the impression that both Ann and Ira took time to enjoy their friends, their family, one another, and the incredible setting where their wedding took place. Ann and Ira, Lincoln and I wish you both continued love and happiness. Thank you for trusting to document your wedding day and making us feel like part of the family!

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5 Responses to “Ann and Ira, October 2nd 2010”

  1. Dina Avila says:

    These are so beautiful, Lauren! You are an amazing wedding photographer. Thank goodness there are photographers like you in and Paul in the world so folks can have gorgeous photos of their special day!

  2. KW says:

    WOW! No. 1 is soo Beautiful!

  3. mitch says:

    MOST excellent! Good shots! The day was very memoriable, Ira’s confidence shows W2G bro…

  4. I love love love that first shot!

  5. Billie Jo says:

    What a beautiful day! I am so happy for you two.
    Love you Billie

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