Vegas, Baby! 2009 WPPI Convention and Trade Show

Each year, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, an organization geared toward the continuing education of photo professionals, organizes a trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of photographers and photo vendors descend upon Sin City to network, attend classes, and visit the WPPI trade show which is comprised of over 280 vendors. In the spirit of continuing our photography education, Lincoln and I are attending the trade show as well as a few platform classes taught by leading photographers in the wedding and portrait industry. We’re hoping to find ways to improve not only our skills as photographers but also enhance and improve our business for our clients. So far, we’ve had a blast, learned a lot, and enjoyed meeting other folks in the industry. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new enhancements, services and/or products that we pick up from the convention and trade show.

In other news: Please stay tuned for highlights from Pace and John’s super fantastic Valentine’s Day wedding! I should have several of my favorite images from their day blogged in the next day or so. Meanwhile, please enjoy this gratuitous (and dorky) photo of us from the WPPI 2009 Trade Show:)


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  1. Grace and Michael says:

    Awwwwww. . . you guys look really nice together. 😉

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