Kind Words From Our Clients

Lauren, they are just beautiful! We can’t stop looking at them and thinking about how wonderful that day was. Thank you for being our photographer and seeing these photos just solidifies we made the right decision to hire you.
Kelly & Josh

Lauren, viewing these beautiful photos just takes me back to the joy of that day and brings a tear to my eye. You did such an amazing job. You are a very gifted photographer and we all so appreciate the time and effort that you and your husband put in to documenting one of the happiest days of our lives! Thank you so much!
– Julie, Mother of the Groom

This is a way overdue email, but we really can’t let another minute go by without saying WE LOVE THEM!!!!! The pictures are amazing, and there aren’t right/enough words to really express how grateful we are for the way in which you captured our day! Thank you again for such an amazing experience. It means so much to us…more than you know.
Serena and Logan
Wow! We don’t even know how to begin thanking you and Lincoln for such amazing pictures. These will be treasured memories forever, thank you both so much!
Christi and Josh
Lauren & Lincoln, The pictures are just wonderful! What a beautiful day! Thank you SO much for capturing such a special event for us! You’re the best!
– Leigh Ann, Mother of the Bride | Jenna and Ryan

I want to thank Lauren & Lincoln for doing such a wonderful job in capturing all the special moments on this blessed day!
– Denise, Mother of the Groom | Jenna and Ryan

Thank you, the photos look amazing! We are so excited to share them with our family and friends and create an album! Thank you so much for your work – the results are so beautiful, we love them!
Jessica and Paul
Thank you SO much…they are beautiful! You guys do such an amazing job.
Jenny and Michael
Lauren, you and Lincoln are AMAZING!!! I love love love the photos you posted of our wedding!! I just can’t stop looking at them! :) And I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you’ve done (concerning everything!). You were such a comfort to me during the wedding, Lauren, you were just a blessing! I still have friends and family telling me how much they liked you both… Very personable and professional. You made everything run so smoothly and were as sweet as can be at the same time.
Megan and Eli
Oh my word, Lauren. The photos are AMAZING. Better than I could have imagined. Thank you SO much. You and Lincoln are absolutely wonderful and I’m so glad it was you two shooting our day!
Laurel and Josh
The photos are so amazing! Thank You :) I can’t stop looking through them and I can’t wait to choose the prints I want to frame in our home.
Sarah and Jeris
Thank you so much for these!! We had a wonderful time looking through them and remembering what an awesome day we had. I’m so glad you and Lincoln were there to document our wedding.
Andrea and Mark
We love, love, love, love the photos!! Thank you sooo much!!
Carley and Jon
They turned out great! You and Lincoln really capture the flavor of the day and all those many little special moments. Scott and I really wanted the best wedding photography we could find, and when we were able to book you, we felt so lucky. Great photos like these are why!
Sara and Scott
Love the photos! We are already trying to figure out how we can have you take more pictures for us some time in the future! We loved working with you and Lincoln!
Steph and Drew
Lauren, it’s hard to put into words how unbelievably gorgeous these photos are! You always manage to capture each couple’s unique story so eloquently in photos, and ours was no exception. Not only are you and Lincoln both incredibly talented but you are both such lovely and sweet people too. It was truly OUR privilege to work with you. Many, many thanks to you!!!
Evelini & Andy
I was just sitting here, looking at our wedding picture preview for about the hundredth time (hehe!), and I had to write and tell you how thankful we are for such amazing photos of our wedding. I have NEVER seen photos that captured Trav the way you were able to. We have had so, so many comments on how no one ever sees him smiling and laughing the way he was in our wedding photos. That is the Travis I know so well, and it makes my heart burst to see those photos because they represent exactly how we were feeling on our wedding day! I can never thank you enough for the wonderful job you both did. Everyone we have talked to has given huge compliments to the both of you on how friendly and professional you both were, and how you seemed to just fit right in with everything going on. I have been to so many weddings where it seems the photographers are drawing more attention than the bride and groom, but you were just so great! I just had to share…and say thanks, again!!
– Stacey & Travis
Wow you two!! Thank you so much for the amazing photos! Thank you also for being such a nice part of our wedding day. You handled everything with amazing calm and a good firm hand (it can be hard to wrangle family AND wedding party members all at once!).

We also loved being at ease with you both, and your willingness to try ideas for photos. The night shot where Lauren ran around us with the penlight and then we kissed is definitely one of my favorites! Thanks for standing out when you needed to, and blending in when you didn’t. You made what could have been a stressful and awkward part of our wedding day one of the most enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you both!
Nikki & Chris

We are unbelievably happy with the pictures – Lauren and Lincoln truly have an amazing talent and an eye to capture the essence of our wedding day. The best investment we made for the years to come was employing them (both) to be a part of our lives on this momentous occasion.

Thank you (Lauren and Lincoln), we hope you had has much fun as we did with you. I feel along with the amazing photos and captured memories, we gained a relationship for years to come.
Danielle & Kevin

Thank you both for being our wedding photographers. Our pictures turned out better than we could have hoped or dreamed for. You both truly captured our day in such a unique and beautiful way. We LOVE our photos and it was great to have you at our wedding as well. We cannot thank you enough for truly making our day special. Thank you!
Amanda & Tim
What can I say? You both have been so amazing this past year. I’m so glad we picked you both to photograph our very special day! You captured everything we ever wanted and I’m so glad we will have your amazing shots to help us remember our wedding for the rest of our lives. We truly feel that we have found friends in you both and, just so you know, you have made us lifelong clients :)
Joanna & Patrick
Lauren and Lincoln, we are the lucky ones. These are amazing photos and Katie elated with my mom with how beautiful these were. We are amazed at your ability to capture a true moment, we almost feel like we were back on that wonderful day. We are really enjoying our time in Kauai and can’t wait to meet up again. See you soon!
Cory and Katie
The minute that I saw Lauren’s website, I knew that I had to hire her to photograph my wedding. Lauren and Lincoln are fantastic people and incredible photographers. Their ability to make any situation look magical is astounding — truly.

Every single person in and at my wedding was blown away by the kindness and professionalism that these two exude and I truly feel privileged to have had them as my photographers. Lauren and Lincoln tell such a beautiful story with their photos and I recommend them to anyone who wants their wedding day to be as beautiful in pictures as it was in real life.
Alisha & Blake

Oh Lauren, how beautiful these pictures are. We are blown away at how amazingly you and Lincoln captured our day, especially the love and laughter we shared with our friends and family. Thank you.
Sarah & Chris